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Chris Petersen on Huskies’ second-half collapse: ‘We did nothing’

Here’s everything Huskies coach Chris Petersen said after Washington’s 27-17 loss at Arizona State. ASU scored the final 27 points of the game after trailing 17-0 in the first half.

(On the second half) “We did nothing. I kind of go back a little bit on offense, we’ve got to do something on offense. If everything’s not lined up just right, we have a hard time making plays. And then momentum will swing hard, put pressure on our defense. We’re in the red zone a couple times, get knocked back, going backward, and we have to kick a long field goal that we miss. First half, can’t make a couple plays on the ball that I think would have gave us some points. So we’ve just got to figure out how to finish.”

(Can it weigh on a team mentally when they know they left points out there?) “I don’t know. I think they felt OK about how things were going. They went out and executed better than we did and finished better than we did in the second half. That’s the bottom line.”

(On what changed from the first half to the second half) “We’ll put the tape on and see what it was. But we were mixing it up pretty good in the first half with running and passing and still had some things open that we didn’t make plays on. The second half, we didn’t do anything as well. I think that kind of starts a little with the run game. We didn’t run the ball as well so we’re kind of on our heels throwing it a lot. And we had chances, but we didn’t make the plays to sustain anything.”

(Did you think you were beyond some of that with the offense?) “I thought we would have played better. We had chances. Some of the chances that we had, I thought we could have made some of those plays, but obviously we’re not. That’s the bottom line.”

(On how frustrating this loss is) “I think they’re all really frustrating. I really do. I think they keep working. They play hard. And I think it’s really frustrating to them. It’s frustrating to all of us. But it comes down to we’ve got to execute better. they’re playing hard, but that’s not going to be enough. Now it comes to getting over the hump to being able to execute and make plays, and when they do that, we’ll spark ourselves, we’ll get energized, we’ll play with emotion down the stretch. But that’s what we’ve got to be able to do. It kind of starts a little bit in the red zone. We get down there and (we’re) not great there. We’ve got to continue to build skill. I think so many of these young guys are just a little bit inconsistent, and some old guys, too. We’ve got to make plays. And we’ll go from there.”

(On players not making plays when they have the chance) “… Everything has to be just perfect for us to kind of move the ball, like sustain things. All the boxes have to be checked. We’re not there enough to create some things that’s not all perfectly lined up, that guys can go up and take a ball away. I think we had one of those today. Break a tackle. Throw a slant route and away we go. Those type of things. A couple weeks ago, we had a little bit of that against Arizona, it was kind of changing the game, when guys were making more plays. It’ll come.

(ASU make any adjustment to stop the run?) “No. I think they were kind of doing what they were doing. Put the tape on. They’re a major pressure team. Our guys came out and were blocking pretty good early on, and second half, I don’t know, we’ll put the tape on, and if we’re asking them to do some stuff they weren’t capable of doing, I don’t know, but it’s kind of the same kind of scheme. We had some answers for if they were going to bring this, we were going to run that. If they were going to bring this blitz, we were going to run that.”

(Same thing with pass protection?) “No, I mean, pass protection, I think we knew where guys were coming from. I do. I think that’s part of the whole thing, is being able to ID their blitzers, and I think we were on that. But I think some guys broke down.”

(On having to win final two games to make a bowl) “I’m looking at it like it’s a good thing. No margin for error now. All chips in, and it’s pressure on, and that’s how it is. There’s no leeway. And so I like it. I think maybe that’s what we need, maybe that extra boost, maybe help us through practice a little bit in terms of … it’s going to have to come in practice. we’re going to have to have a sense of urgency in practice to make these little detailed catches and throws and protection. The pocket needs to be a little bit better, cutting guys off in the run game and all those different things. We’ve got to wrap up all the time, not most of the time.”

(Jake Browning’s interceptions – just trying too hard?) “I think so. That’ll come. I want to put the tape on and look at it, but from my vantage point, it’s like, just throw it away. We’ll live to fight another down, and I think one of the interceptions we had a little bit of a mixup between he and the receiver, exactly (whether) he was going to curl it or break it in. So that comes back to us as coaches, making sure they’re completely on the same page. But yeah, a couple of those throws, it’s like, we don’t need to hope for throws. We need to know we can make throws.”

(On attacking the seam against a single-high safety) “We had some of those receivers kind of running down the seams with them early on, and we didn’t hit those. We’ve got to give our guys a chance … Jake, he threw some really good balls. And I don’t know how many times we threw the ball (52), but yeah, we threw it a lot. And we knew we were going to do that. If we get a little more accurate and give our receivers a little more of a chance on a couple of those, it might change the game as well. But he’ll learn. He battles. The one thing is, I know that guy will learn. I know he’ll get better from it.”

(Were you confident throwing the ball that often was the right approach?) “I think so. We’re still trying to run it. You saw what we did in the second half. We don’t want to get on our heels. We still need to be able to run the ball effectively to be able to throw it. But yeah, I think we’ll look at it. There’s always calls that we’ll go back and analyze those.”