University of Washington

Three takeaways from UW coach’s press conference ahead of Stanford

Washington coach Chris Petersen spoke with reporters Monday for more than 20 minutes. Petersen both reviewed his team’s 38-3 win over rival Oregon while also looking ahead to what comes at 7:30 p.m. when UW travels south to face Stanford.

Here are the three most notable takeaways from what Petersen said:


The Huskies (8-1, 5-1 Pac-12) are working on a short week given they play the Cardinal on Friday. Instead of receiving the full allotment of days between opponents, Petersen and his staff will have to condense certain things to make sure the essential items are covered.

What makes it even more of a challenge is the fact the Huskies had a 7 p.m. start last week against the Ducks at Husky Stadium. An earlier game would have given UW’s coaches and players a few more hours to get some extra tasks done.

“The challenge is the quick turnaround. As of now, we’re on a normal schedule coaching-wise, game planning those type of things. Also have to be smart with the guys and not wearing those guys out. ... It’s also a unique offense we’re going to face.”

Petersen said the goal is to make a short week feel normal for the players even if it puts the coaching staff at a slight disadvantage. He said the coaching staff doesn’t have a lot of time to review the previous game. The focus shifts to concentrating on the next game and making the most of limited time.

“We don’t want to feel sorry for ourselves and can’t believe we have to do this,” Petersen said. “I look at the Seahawks and the Falcons and I’m fine. Those guys have it really tough. We told our players that too.”


Petersen pointed out how Stanford’s offense is different compared to what most teams are doing within the current landscape of college football.

Stanford’s scheme is based around the run but it also has some West Coast elements. A focal point of Stanford’s offense is the insulation it provides running backs, especially Bryce Love. The detail-oriented Petersen said the Cardinal have tight ends who can both block and catch well.

Cardinal sophomore Kaden Smith has 13 receptions for 226 yards and a touchdown. Dalton Schultz, a senior, has 17 receptions for 181 yards two touchdowns.

Petersen also joked how Stanford’s offense has a fullback which is also a rarity.

“We explained what a fullback was to our defense today,” Petersen joked. “They were very intrigued.”


UW’s depth has been tested throughout the season. The latest example came Saturday when Petersen told reporters receiver Quinten Pounds would miss the rest of the year with a knee injury.

Pounds is the latest player to suffer either a long-term or season-ending injury. He joins star left tackle Trey Adams, tight end Hunter Bryant, receiver Chico McClatcher plus cornerbacks Jordan Miller and Byron Murphy.

Petersen said injuries are something he and his staff have to account for every season when trying to assess their personnel.

“I’ve sat back here, way back when in August and said, ‘Yeah, things can look really good. You have 22 players on both sides,’ ” he said. “That’s not even kind of your team. You need to have 50 players on that sheet you’re going, ‘Yeah, I feel good about these 50-plus players.’

“Because that’s what you get down to and that’s where we are.”

Ryan S. Clark: @ryan_s_clark