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Lorenzo Romar on future as UW coach: ‘We’ll see what happens’

Here is everything Huskies men’s basketball coach Lorenzo Romar said after Washington’s 78-73 loss to USC in the first round of the Pac-12 tournament at T-Mobile Arena. Washington finishes the season with a 9-22 overall record.

Romar said it is not true that UW has reached a decision regarding his future as the Huskies coach, and that “we’ll see what happens” in the coming days. He said he is unaware of a timeframe for the decision.

More from Romar on the game, his future and the health of guard Markelle Fultz:

(Opening) “Pretty simple: 17 and 18. That’s the number. Seventeen turnovers, 18 points off of the turnovers. Against the Trojans, that’s been our Achilles heel, and even throughout this game, when we took care of the ball, we were in control of the game. When we didn’t, they came back or extended the lead a little bit. And you’ve got to give them all the credit in the world, because that’s what they do. You continue to play a team and they continue to do a lot of that, that’s what they do. I still give our guys a lot of credit. With the record that we had, with the consecutive losses, and to still come out and compete the way we did, and play together the way we did, I was proud of our guys in that regard.”

(Turnovers similar to previous games against them?) “Very similar. Very similar. And against USC and UCLA. Very similar turnovers.”

(Explanation on technical against Carlos Johnson?) “I did not get an explanation what that was about.”

(On coming back after falling behind by 14) “We fought back and then I think we committed three consecutive turnovers. We didn’t help ourselves in that regard.”

(On Malik Dime’s performance) “I thought Malik went out in his last game, he left it all out on the floor. He gave us a very good performance.”

(Did he reaggravate the same pinky he broke?) “I thought it might have been – he didn’t break it again, but I think it was the same one. When I asked him coming off the floor, I thought that’s what they said, but I could be wrong.”

(Anything to be encouraged by these last few games?) “You know, we played a lot of these games without Markelle Fultz, and I’ve said this before – earlier in the year if we’d have played these games without Markelle, they wouldn’t have been as close as they were. Our team grew up. USC has beat UCLA, they have a chance to make the NCAA tournament and again, we played right there with them. We didn’t get it done, but we played right there with them.”

(Have you been told anything about your future at UW?) “No. Not one way or another, no. It’s an evaluation process going on right now. I know there was something that came out, but there was no truth to that.”

(Are you pretty confident you’ll be back?) “I’m not the decision maker. I know that our administration and Jen Cohen, they’re very supportive. I do know that, and a decision has to be made. We’ll see what happens.”

(What do your next few days look like?) “Well, Quincy Pondexter’s getting voted into the Pac-12 Hall of Fame. I’ll be here a couple more days to be a part of that. After that, mostly debriefing, meetings with our players, one on one, before they head out for spring break.”

(When do you expect that meeting with AD Jen Cohen to be?) “We’ve talked. We’ve had ongoing meetings. But in terms of a final decision, I don’t know the timeline.”

(How close was Markelle Fultz to being able to play tonight?) “Long term was the reason he didn’t play. Short term, he probably could have. But you don’t want to do more damage. You don’t want something that’s very minor to blow up to be something more.”