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Romar on first opponent

Washington will open the Pac-10 tournament tomorrow against either Oregon – who the Huskies swept – or Washington State – who swept the Huskies.

Naturally, I asked coach Romar the question about which he would rather play.

And naturally, he answered diplomatically: "I would just be very excited to play the winner. We don't know who we match up best against, or how they're going to be on that day or how we're going to play. At this point, you've got to beat the best, so whoever we play, we'll be satisfied with that."

Then, I asked if he has figured out why WSU -- which won only four Pac-10 games -- beat UW twice.

His answer: "They outplayed us. I would say there they outplayed us for sure. At our place, they did a good enough job to hang in, hang in and win the game. At their place they just flat outplayed us. Why? Who knows? There were other teams that do well in the league and yet they lose to some other team that doesn't have as good a record. They don't match up as well or they don't do a good enough job against that team. How do you explain it? I wish I knew the answer. We wouldn't lose again.

"I don't think there's a coach in the Pac-10 that would tell you we'd like to play against Washington State. I don't think anyone would say that. I don't think there are many teams you would say, hey, we want to play against this team. Any team is capable of beating anyone, as we have seen in these 18 games that everyone has played. Who would have thought that Arizona State would have gone out and beat Cal at the time? But Arizona State is a tough hard-nosed team. I don't know is anyone has any advantage over anyone. This thing is wide open."