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Pac-10 writers survey

One of the highlights of the opening day of the Pac-10 tournament is the annual writers survey by Jeff Faraudo.

I guess writers get a particular kick out of it, because it's fun to see if we're quoted or how our answers compared with our colleagues. But I think anyone with an interest in Pac-10 basketball – meaning you – should enjoy it too.

However, before taking a look, you might want to think about what I thought was this year's most fascinating question: Where would Gonzaga finish in the league if it were a Pac-10 team?

In fact, that would be a great debate to get started here. (In my vote I said about third. I think that sounds about right. Plus, Gonzaga went 2-1 against Pac-10 teams this season, and if you project that over 18 games you end up at 12-6, which is the record third-place Cal had this season.)