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Early departure

The Huskies will fly to D.C. on Tuesday. That's one day earlier than usual, to accommodate the cross-country flight across three time zones.

But coach Lorenzo Romar doesn't only want to give the Huskies time to adjust to the time difference. He also wants to give them time for sightseeing around the nation's capital. Romar said he doesn't usually do that on road trips, but that DC is a place full of history that he didn't get to until adulthood, and he doesn't want his players -- who are students, after all -- to be next door to history while seeing nothing but their hotel and the arena.

They are trying to arrange a White House tour, but that isn't certain. However, the team hotel is just a couple of blocks from the national mall, and therefore walking distance from the Capitol, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, etc., so they should be able to see several of the sights on their own.

Thursday will be practice and media day.

Friday is game day, with tipoff at an amazing 10 p.m. Eastern Time ... which also is a nice familiar 7 p.m. for Husky fans back home.