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The Huskies held an event for the local media today, and several of the questions seemed to be an indirect version of this: Do you guys actually believe you can beat UConn?

For anyone who has been around the team much this season, it is an unnecessary question.

This team absolutely believes it can beat anyone.

They pull it off without arrogance. They're fully respectful of UConn, and Brandon Roy said right up front that UConn is the rightful favorite.

However, UW really seems to believe that since they went 3-0 vs. UCLA and Gonzaga, they figure they can beat anyone.

There's also a hint that they think they're better now than they were back then -- especially that Justin Dentmon has matured into an effective point guard and leader.

The western Huskies may not beat the eastern Huskies, but if they lose it clearly won't be because they're afraid.