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Utah State reaction

Partly because of that security scare, Washington's game against Utah State ended a lot closer to my TNT deadline than ideal.

I was able to get UW reaction into this morning's paper, but almost nothing from Utah State. Let's fill that omission right here:

Coach Stewa Morrill overview: I'm proud of out team in terms of how hard we played. We never gave up on the game. We were aggressive on the boards, but we just couldn't handle the pressure. They forced 22 turnovers, and that's the story of the game. We cut the deficit down to seven a couple of times, but they came up and made big shots, or we turned the ball over. That really was the story of the game. Their game plan was excellent. They took us out of our game."

Morrill on Brandon Roy, who led all scorers with 28 points: "We really had no answers for him. We tried to double-team him, but it's hard to double-team someone that good and who can pass the ball in the perimeter. He just went around us and shot over us. He's the real deal."

Morrill on what the Aggies could have done better: "We could have done some things better, like not throwing the ball to the other team. that would have been a hell of a start."

USU forward Nate Harris on everyone's slow scoring start (Utah State didn't score for the first five minutes, and when they finally did, they pulled even at 2-2): "Definitely something (Washington was) doing defensively. We couldn't enter the ball to the win. We couldn't enter the ball into the post. We couldn't enter the ball to out post guy's elbow. It was either a score for us or a turnover, and the turnovers were obviously a lot more than our baskets. Luckily for us, we started the game out with pretty good defense, and that kept us in the game for the most part, or it could have been ugly early."

USU guard Jaycee Carroll on guarding Roy: "Brandon Roy is a great player. He is big and he is strong, and that is the kind of thing I noticed more than anything. Anytime it seemed like I got a body on him, he just bumped me out of the way a little bit and went right around me. That was the story of trying to guard him for me."