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Saturday scrimmage

The UW defense dominated the offense Saturday as the Huskies ran through a 90-minute scrimmage at windy, rainy and cold Husky Stadium.

Not surprisingly, the domination started up front, where the offensive line could do little to open holes for runners or give time to passers.

Isaiah Stanback had the best day among the quarterbacks, as he completed 5 of 12 passes and ran for seven times for 45 yards. The other QB contenders had brutal days as Johnny DuRocher was 3 for 12 and had one pass intercepted by Chris Hemphill for a 96-yard touchdown. Carl Bonnell _ who coach Tyrone Willingham has been praising so far _ was just 1 of 6.

J.R. Hasty carried 12 times for 78 yards, although most of that came on a single 42-yard burst up the sidelines.

Aside from Hemphill, the defensive stars were Greyson Gunheim, who had three sacks; Donny Mateaki, who had two sacks and batted down a pass.

Newly converted cornerback Dashon Goldson had the hit of the day - flattening transfer receiver Chancellor Young as he caught a pass over the middle. Although to Young's credit, he held on.

Statistics and a game report are available on the UW Web site.

In other news, no word yet on the extent of the foot injury to defensive lineman Erick Lobos.

And Willingham said that junior Michael Braunstein may have taken a slight lead in the place-kicking race.