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Spring football

My story for the Friday paper will be on Danny Morovick, the snapper specialist signed out of California. The difference between a good snapper and a bad one is just fractions of seconds ... but fractions of seconds that can win or lose games.

A few health notes: Offensive line coach Mike Denbrock is out with an undisclosed illness. In his absence, the offensive line is being led by tight ends coach Bob Simmons and former UW center Kyle Benn. Among the players out or limited by injury include lineman Jordan White-Frisbee (foot), Johnie Kirton (foot), Tim Williams (shoulder), Sonny Shackelford (ankle), Durrell Moss (hamstring), and cornerback C.J. Wallace (shoulder).

Position changes: Clay Walker has shifted from first-team guard to center, and Juan Garcia has shifted from first-team center to right guard. The remainder of the first-team offensive line has Stanley Daniels at the other guard, and Chad Macklin and Nathan Flowers at tackles. ... Dashon Goldson, who started last season at free safety, is seeing increasing work at cornerback. In that configuration, Mesphin Forrester slides in at safety.

Other notes: Willingham indicated his satisfaction with the four junior college transfers participating this spring: Morovick, defensive end Anthony Atkins, safety Jordon Wells and cornerback Jordan Murchison. … Asked about which players have flashed leadership so far, Willingham singled out quarterbacks Isaiah Stanback and Johnnie DuRocher and receiver Anthony Russo. … Willingham also praised the first-week play of junior quarterback Carl Bonnell. … Willingham said tailbacks Louis Rankin, Kenny James and J.R. Hasty are "battling pretty good," but if there was a game tomorrow, Rankin would start.