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Countdown to kickoff

1 hour, 20 minutes till kickoff: A few Huskies and Warriors are out on the field warming up. In one will note for the few guys like me who are interested in uniforms, the Huskies are wearing gold pants, after wearing purple pants on the road for the past two seasons.

1 hour 15 minutes till kickoff: There is a rainbow arching up from over the "Hawaii" end zone of Aloha Stadium. A rainbow near the field, by the way, accounts for the university's first athletic nickname: the Rainbows. They later decided to toughen that up a bit by making it Rainbow Warriors, and finally cut it to the current "Warriors."

1 hour 10 minutes till kickoff: From the press box I can see a part of the freeway. And apparently everyone really took those traffic warnings seriously, because while traffic was of epic size when I drove it, everything seems to be zipping by smoothly right now.

56 minutes to kickoff: Well, the uniform mystery is solved. For some reason, Hawaii is wearing its road uniforms, that is, their white tops. That isn't typical for them ... I think they wore all black for thier big win over Boise last week, and I'm surprised they'd change that winning formula. In any case, the Huskies are in their typical home unis: gold helmet, purple jerseys, gold pants.

22 minutes before kickoff: The teams have left the field after warmups. Before going, the Warriors did their pregame war dance called the ha'a. Very cool. The Huskies also gathered in a circle and hopped up in down. Less cool, but we'll see what works.

10 minutes till kickoff: Real nice pregame atmosphere here. The ha'a was great. And they just followed the national anthem with some Hawaiian sing-along, which the crowd was really into. Also, I just love the "H" in the middle of the field ... I think my favorite university logo. And now the guy in the warrior costume is about to lead the team out onto the field. Great stuff.

Coin toss: UW captains for the final game of the season are Greyson Gunheim, Roy Lewis, Juan Garcia, Louis Rankin, Jordan Reffett and Anthony Russo.

Washington won the toss and will receive.