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Conversation with new football asst. White

New UW assistant coach Brian White stopped by on Tuesday and met for of the media guys and put up with his first Q&A session with us.

Some highlights:

On whether he cares what position he coaches: Honestly no. I told Coach Willingham that I'll do whatever he deems necessary that's in the best interest of the program. And I feel very comfortable and confident that whatever the responsibilities are, I'll perform them well, and the position he decides will be a great fit.

On his experience coaching special teams: I've done various phases, kickoff return, punt, and contributed in other phases, but in terms of full responsibilities, I've done those. I'm excited to be able to work with that unit. I think it's a really critical phase in the game that is common thread to your team, where you're integrating both offensive and defensive players, so it's exciting to be able to put both phases of the team together in one unit.

His thoughts on UW as they routed Syracuse last August: My thoughts were that they had a nice offensive football team and it was excited to watch them play. Unfortunately I was on the other side of the field that day.

On getting involved in the UW job: I know members on the staff and I had visited Seattle three or four times in the past, and actually was here in 2003, Coach Neuheisel and his staff brought me up to do a clinic for them, and I really enjoyed the area, so when I knew there were some openings, I really pursued it very vigorously. I met Coach Willingham when we played them in the Rose Bowl. . . I had the good fortune of representing the University of Wisconsin at the Rose Bowl luncheon, and got to meet Coach Willingham. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about him from the variety of people that I know in the profession that have worked for him, so I really felt that it would be a good fit for my family, a value fit and a community and university fit.

On current staff memebers he knows: I've known Coach Hart and Coach Lappano and J.D. Williams. J.D. coached with my brother Chris at Cal Poly Pomona back in the mid 90s.

His thoughts on UW and Seattle: I just wanted to be a part of the program. I have an 11-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son, and I've done enough research on the university, been to Seattle enough to know that it was an area of the country that we would enjoy. . . . I've really enjoyed my experiences here and I have an understanding of the tremendous set of values that Coach Willingham has, and that's what I want to expose myself and my family to.