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1:30 p.m.: UCLA visits confusing Huskies

We spoke a bit with UW coach Lorenzo Romar on Friday before the Huskies began practice for their Sunday game against No. 5 UCLA. The game will be shown on FSN.

Here's the preview story from today's paper. In it, Romar takes the current four-game losing streak on himself as coach ... but not just in the general the-buck-stops-here sense that coaches often use. Romar seemed genuinely perplexed about his team's tumble and seems to really believe that he hasn't yet -- but still might -- find the key to unlocking the potential of this roster. He says the team does what the coaches ask, and so he seems to believe that puts it on him to ask the right things or to ask in the right way.

"I wouldn't put it on the players, I'd put it on me," he said. "I've not done a good enough job of getting us where we need to be right now. I've always felt with our teams that by this point we're playing our best basketball. That's not the case this year."

Romar admits that his team's personality sometimes seems passive, but he takes that on himself, too: "When you watch the team it probably comes across that way. But that's what I'm saying, I'm not ready to sit here and blame this on our players. I'm taking full responsibility. I could have done a better job and need to do a better job of getting us to more than passive."

Here's an L.A. Daily News look at the Huskies' problems.