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Good games almost as frustrating as bad ones

The Huskies' sinking season, now just one game over .500, is taking on some frustrating almost no matter what the result.

Naturally, players and fans are frustrated when they don't seem to play with top effectiveness and energy, as was the case last week against Arizona State. But a win like the one over UCLA and the near miss like last night's at Stanford also take on their own kind of frustration because they show how good UW can be ... but seldom is.

How does the No. 9 team in the Pac-10 play that close to the No. 8 team in the country?

Lorenzo Romar: It's frustrating, but we made our bed. We're playing I think our best basketball right now. But you look at our last six games, we've had a couple where we've not brought it like we should, but I think for the most part the last half dozen games we played a brand of basketball where if we would have been doing that from day one we'd be in the upper half of this conference. But it is what it is, and we only have a couple of games left we have to try to maintain this and do a little bit of a better job because we didn't come up with the win.

Jon Brockman: As much as it stinks losing, if we could have played this well in a couple of other games when we didn't have the right energy and didn't come to play, our record would be a lot different. As much as it hurts losing, at the same times we've got to say, all right, that's how we want to play. For the most part we did a pretty dang good job of what we tried to come out and do.