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It's Purple (No. 1 offense) vs. Gold (No. 1 defense)

The kids and visitors are being cleared from the Husky Stadium field, making way for the main event: the annual Purple and Gold football game.

It's a beautiful day -- sunny, football-weather cool, with lake and mountains shimmering in the distance. In other words, if you can get up here, you'd probably enjoy yourself.

If you can't or don't, the game will be broadcast on KJR, 950-AM, and I'll blog a bit during and after.

We've just been given the rosters, and it appears that the Purple will feature the No. 1 offense and No. 2 defense , while the Gold will have the No. 1 defense and No. 2 offense.

Assuming that's right, here's the Huskies No. 1 (purple) offense at the end of spring: QB Locker, FB Homer, TB Johnson, WRs Chris Polk and D'Andre Goodwin, T's Ben Ossai and Cody Habben, G's Casey Bulyca and White-Frisbee, C Sedillo and TE Michael Gottlieb.

The No. 1 defense (Gold) is: DEs Te'o-Nesheim and Jones, DTs De'Shon Matthews and Cameron Elisara, LBs Josh Gage, Donald Butler and Mason Foster, safeties Nate Williams and Victor Aiyewa and CBs Mesphin Forrester and Quinton Richardson.