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Site says BYU over UW "by 10 or more"

Ah, to see ourselves as others see us.

The Bleacher Report website is taking a look at Brigham Young opponents and comes to the conclusion that the Cougars should be UW by 10 or more in Husky Stadium this fall.

It's possible, of course. But from this distance, I'd be surprised if the actual spread was more than three points either way. BYU projects as one of the best of this season's mid-majors -- just as Boise State did last season, when they were pushed around pretty soundly at Husky Stadium in last season's second game.

And, of coure, this will be a big game for the Huskies, as second games always are. The Huskies will either come in on a high after having beaten Oregon in Eugene, or they will come in with the early utter desperation of avoiding an 0-2 start.