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Huskies take their blame, vow to do better vs. BYU

We had access to the Huskies offensive players and coaches today. So, not suprisingly, we heard from a lot of folks disappointed by the Huskies' sad little 10-point output at Oregon and who were saying all the right things about doing better this weekend when No. 15 Brigham Young visits. (The Cougars inched forward from No. 16 to a tie with Arizona State for 15th in the new AP poll announced today.)

A few samplings:


We all had a role to play in what took place, and none of us did it the way that we wanted to, and the good news is that our team has a little bit of a feeling of letting each other down and letting our fan base down. We all share that, and to me those are all positive things that allow you to drive yourself to go forward.

(Willingham also reaffirmed his confidence in offensive coordinator Tim Lappano noting success of last season. Then added:) "We didn't block, we didn't do a lot of things, we didn't throw as well as we would have liked to. And I've got to be a factor in there making sure that I assist him."

Offensive lineman JORDAN WHITE-FRISBEE

On the public criticism of the offensive line:
It will definitely drive us. We talk about it all the time, this has to be the year. This game right here has to change it right now. We don't have time to wait. This is it for us. We know how strong we are, and we've got to prove it.

True freshman tailback CHRIS POLK

We expected to do way better than we did. It's a wake up call that we have to work way harder. ... I would say I messed up. There were holes, I just didn't see them until later. I was getting to excited and getting impatient. There were some holes to run through, I just missed them.

Offensive line coach MIKE DENBROCK

We didn't play nearly as well as we anticipated we would. We knew going into the game that they may put us in a position where they stacked the line of scrimmage and we still thought we had the ability to run the football at them and we didn't get our job done as front.

I didn't get my job done as a coach, first and foremost, of making sure those guys were on top of every little detail they needed to be on top of and we didn't play all that great.

Offensive coordinator TIM LAPPANO

On opening up the playbook this week:
"We've got some guys in their books right now. I think we'll be a little more wide open in this plan. You'll see some things you haven't seen in a while."