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Sooners' Stoops has beef with Pac-10 refs, too

For those of you who thought coach Tyrone Willingham was a little too easy on those Pac-10 refs Saturday... well, he toughened his stance a bit at the media gathering today.

"I think we all know that was not the right call," Willingham said. "… The proper judgment was not used. That was not the act of a young man taunting. That was not an unsportsmanlike act at all. It should have been viewed in its totality and not just isolated as the letter of the law."

Willingham also said he backed up that belief by personally contacting the Pac-10 office to complain.

In this, Willingham has something in common with Bob Stoops, whose Oklahoma Sooners will roll into Husky Stadium on Saturday.

Remember the series of bad calls that led to Oregon's 2006 win over Oklahoma in Autzen Stadium? Well, Stoops clearly does, too. But he seemed to see little benefit to hopping back on that old horse again today.

"That's the way it is," he said when asked about the Pac-10 rule that mandates Pac-10 officials for interconference games in Pac-10 stadiums. "We're going to go play and hopefully play as well as we can."

He was asked if he had stressed to their players that they should simply hand the ball to the officials, he said. "We do all the time." When asked if he wanted to share his thoughts on the Locker call, he said, "No. For me to comment would be inappropriate."

In that, he is in a minority. My Tuesday story is on the Locker call. Here is an ESPN blog item. And a take from the Salt Lake Tribune. And a short items in a roundup story from The Sports Network. And from, of all place, the Grand Rapids Press.