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Help a Husky win tailgaiting contest

One of our blog readers is also a longtime Husky tailgater. And he's involved in a contest to find the best tailgate in the country, which is being held at the ESPN website.

It's the "Scott L." Husky tailgate. And if you click on the picture and are wondering, they're playing a game called "beer-shoes," a drinking-game version of horseshoes. The two guys shown in the picture are the beer-shoes champs from last season.

Anyway, feel free to vote to help a UW tailgater and Husky Insider blog reader.

Plus, there's no questioning their devotion if they're going out today to tailgate in this weather before watching a couple of teams with a combined 2-14 record instead of watching from the comfort of their couch, convenient to the beer in their fridge.