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Sark wraps up USC win on radio interview Thursday

Don't normally plug radio interviews, unless something relevant comes out of them. UW coach Steve Sarkisian was on a local radio show this morning, and was asked about certain points of the 32-31 win over USC:

Sarkisian said more than "50-50" of those types of plays are Locker's call.

The first-year coach said once the offense crossed the 50-yard line, he did not want to throw the ball, instead playing for a final Erik Folk field goal (which he got from 32 yards out).

"I wanted Keith Price to know I believe in him," Sarkisian said during the interview.

Sarkisian said the issue was a personnel matter, and that sort of stuff should "be left on the field."

"We want 11 really good football players out there," he said, hinting that the team needs to address that in recruiting.