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Raindrops falling on my head . . . and everyone else's

Man, it is soggy around Montlake. I'm staring out of the high-above Husky Stadium press box and at the neighboring softball field with puddles of water forming all over the infield.

Would gather these are good signs for the Huskies tonight (although I'm told the greater Phoenix area had a rainstorm this week, and Arizona State felt the need to go indoors to its practice facility).

Today is also "Band Day" at Husky Stadium. Yes, I am a band geek as well as a sportswriter. I could easily join one of the many high school marching bands, clad in rainsuits, in the stands and play Earth, Wind and Fire's "Let's Groove" on the clarinet.

Both teams have arrived. Steve Sarkisian and the Husky company came into the stadium about 10 minutes ago.

Will update later on pre-game stuff, including Cameron Elisara's availability on the defensive line, and Erik Kohler's status on the offensive line.

** UPDATE: It's 6:30 p.m., and the starting five offensive linemen for the Huskies just come out of the tunnel. One of them is Gregory Christine. Apparently, word on the radio was that Erik Kohler has been diagnosed with mononucleosis. Haven't seen Kohler on the field.

** UPDATE II: It's 6:35 p.m., and defensive end Cameron Elisara (shoulder) is running through early pre-game warmup stuff with the defense. He left the USC game after one series with a stinger, and did not return. Elisara could be a huge key, since the other defensive ends have shown difficulty shedding blocks on the edge, especially against the run.

** UPDATE III: No tight end Michael Hartvigson on the field. Guess the inflammation in his shoulder has prevented him from playing.

** UPDATE IV: At 7:10 p.m.: A pretty big loss – receiver Devin Aguilar is out of pads. He got hurt late in the week at practice, but it was stated it was no big deal. He went through pre-game warmups. Expect Jordan Polk and James Johnson to see more time.