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Clear, and so are the Huskies' needs ... win!

Computer issues forced me to hike back to the car (actually Ryan Divish's truck). The second trip was just a few minutes ago, when the day has started to dim.

I could see the huffing-and-puffing of the crowds trying to squeeze through Husky Stadium (and actually saw somebody wearing a 'Housh' Oregon State jersey). Means it's cooling off, and expected to sink into the low 40s sometime in the second half.

Well ... it certainly beats last week's deluge in Seattle, arguably the worst rainstorm I've ever seen in person for a college football game.

It's a real collected atmosphere - fans aren't too excited or antsy yet. Calm, really.

The team came in a half-hour ago, and again met at the 'W' in the middle of Husky Stadium. Coach Steve Sarkisian said a few words, and the players and coaches quietly made their way to the locker room.

I'll have updates on personnel later:

** UPDATE I: Receiver Devin Aguilar (hip flexor), who was not expected to play, has been on the sidelines and is in street clothes. Expect the same rotation as last week - lots of D'Andre Goodwin, Jordan Polk and maybe a little of James Johnson and Cody Bruns to pick up the slack.