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UW 35, Oregon State 34 - FINAL/2OT

A back-and-forth game came down to one play - a two-point conversion try by the Beavers.

After James Rodgers' 2-yard touchdown scamper in the second OT cut the UW's lead to 35-34, Oregon State coach Mike Riley signaled for timeout, called his team over and decided to play for closure.

His offense went back on the field.

And he spread the Huskies out, put quarterback Ryan Katz in shotgun and in all directions the Oregon State receivers went to the end zone.

Katz called tight end Joe Halahuni's number in the middle of the UW zone defense. Linebacker Cort Dennison was nearby, and broke in Halahuni's direction as soon as he read Katz's eyes and arm motion.

Katz delivered a low bullet. Halahuni went down, cradled it in, hit the ground and in a second-and-a-half delay, the ball broke free and bounced out.

Here is how Dennison saw the final play:

"We had two calls come in - one call for a field-goal block call and the second call was a base call in, and in that call I have the middle part of the field. They spread everyone out wide, so my first instinct, they're on the 2-yard line that they might run a draw because Katz can scramble. I kind of got up there and realized he wasn't going to take off. In the middle, I saw No. 87 (Halahuni) run a little go route, and I just did everything I could to make him not catch it."

Did Dennison knock the ball free?

"I don't care if I got my hand on the ball," the junior said. "He dropped it."