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Jake Locker: "I'll be able to play."

Todd is going to miss the next few days because of a family commitment. So I'll be your guide into the wonderful world of Husky football.

Obviously, one of the biggest concerns is the health of quarterback Jake Locker. The fifth-year senior is pretty banged up with some bruised - not broken - ribs and still also being bothered by the thigh contusion.

"I'm a little sore," he said. "But I'm hoping to get out and run around today. The ribs are pretty sore."

Locker wouldn't lament about his injuries.

"It’s football," he said. "It’s part of the game. Everybody deals with it at some point in their career. It’s something that you kind of have to deal with, I guess. There’s not a whole lot you can do about it. Do your treatment and get as well as you can for Saturday."

But when asked if there was any chance that he might not play on Saturday against Stanford, Locker quickly responded ...

"No, I'll be able to play."

If you ask Locker there wasn't much of a difference between the two.

"I just didn't run quite as much as I had been, but I thought for the most part that was the only part of my game that was affected," he said.

He wouldn't use the ribs as an excuse for missed throws.

"I threw the one ball to Cody and that felt good, I could have probably thrown it farther if I needed to do," he said. "Throwing doesn't feel too bad at all. I really didn't feel it all on Saturday."

Locker plans to practice today and hopefully will be more active than he was early last week.

"I like to be able to practice and run around," he said. "I always feel better if I can go and do a little bit to loosen up. I like to get out and practice."

Locker didn't believe the lack of reps last week in practice was an issue.

"I felt good this weekend," he said. "I saw things really well. I didn’t feel like I threw the ball to the wrong spot at times on Saturday. I felt good with what we are doing and the progressions I was going through in the passing game. I missed a few throws definitely. I don’t think that was due to a lack of a practice."

Locker simply wouldn't use his health as an excuse, when he was asked about what percentage of his normal self he was against Arizona.

"I felt pretty good," he said. "I told you guys after the game when I was able to get out and run a couple of times I didn't feel any slower than I've been. I would say I was close to 90 percent, probably."

And the offense overall?

"I thought we came out strong," he said. "We had a good first drive after the fumble recovery, scoring on four plays I believe. Then we made a few mistakes on the next drive and it just kind of snowballed from there. I think that you can see the preparation and the confidence that we have in what we are doing on those drives where we are successful. That’s what we are capable of doing. We just got a find of way to do that every time we step on the field."

Locker admitted that the Huskies win one, lose one, win one, lose one season is mystifying.

"It’s been kind of crazy as far as that goes, week in and week out," he said. "But I think I’ve been able to sit up here every week and tell you guys that our practices this year have been awesome. Every week, the guys come prepared, ready to play and practice, bring energy and a tempo to practice that is something that we’re looking for. I think our preparation has been good and consistent. For one reason or another, the consistency on Saturdays just hasn’t been there."