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Jim Harbaugh: "If you aren’t ready to play, you can get exposed."

Here's some of the transcript of Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh's conversation on the Pac-10 conference call.

If you want some more Harbaugh comments, you can check out this video from the Stanford website.

On what things his team has to clean up

What we are focused on is improving every day. Daily improvement. Better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today. This improvement would not only include performance but also relationship with our teammates, family, friends, school, making today the most important day on the calendar, making the next game the most important schedule, making the next meeting most important you’ll have, the next drill is the most   productive of the season. We believe what will follow is significant team improvement. Improvement leads to wins, wins lead to championship. Improvement daily equals team success. That’s what we are striving for.

"We look at this one as the most important game on our schedule. Everything that Washington does schematically on defense and offensively, there is just a high volume that they have got taught, and the players execute it. It's impressive. We are in the midst of that preparation and that just really captivates all your thinking.''

On Stepfan Taylor’s emergence is a feature running back?

"There is a guy who in his last game we saw a lot of improvement. He held on to the football, got tough yards, got yards after contact, kicked out of some tackles, has been good catching the ball,  has been good at protection. He's really asserting himself.'

Going into the season trying to replace Toby Gerhardt and going through training camp, we really felt like our backs would not lose us game. They’ve really done  a great job replacing the production Toby had last year, and hopefully we can surpass it.

On why there have been so many lopsided scores of late?

I’ve seen some of the scores, and we’ll win big one. It just really highlights the need to play every game, every play is important. You have to go into each game prepared and believing it’s the most important game of season. In this conference, you can be exposed. There can be Jekyll and Hyde kind of result unless you are absolutely ready to play and fight each week.

Is there a fine line to losing and being blown out?

Yeah, if you aren’t ready to play, you can get exposed. You got to come every single week. It’s not only that kind of conference this year, but I thought it was that way last year as well.

What are the factors that it takes for when a QB should enter the draft early?

The biggest key that he can take another man’s job away from him and make an NFL team. The talent has to be there, the maturity, the work ethic, a lot of thigns play into it.

On Andrew Luck possibly entering the NFL draft early

I think he’s definitely physically ready, mature in that way, talented. Also mentally, he’s very mature. He really has all the tangibles. He has no red flags. He doesn’t have anything where you say, he can’t do this or he can do that, or I wish he could do this or that. He’s got all the ability. If I was an NFL scout, I’d definitely want him. He’s a junior; he’s in his third year of college. I’m sure it’s something he will asses at the end of the year. He'll sit down with his family and decides what's best for him. And that will be what's best for the program.

On Jake Locker coming back to Washington for his senior year

He was doing what he thought was best for himself and his family. Only people that can make those decisions are the ones who are making them.

On giving up the late points against WSU last week?

"Definitely not happy about it. We played three quarters and basically only gave up nine first downs and then in a quarter we give up 10 first downs and 21 points. It's been addressed and will continue to be addressed. They hear it from me. They don’t need to read about in the newspaper. We have got to address it.”

On offensive lineman David DeCastro, who was a standout offensive lineman for Bellevue and spurned the Huskies for Stanford?

David’s progress has been really good. He came in already well-coached ffootball player. He came out of great high school program with a winning tradition. He’s always been a guy that’s never taken shortcut. He’s been a joy to coach.

He’s played at an all Pac-10 caliber level at this point. He’s going to be a potential four-year starter and an All-American player if he continues to play at the level he’s at. Because he’s very close to playing at All-American level right now.