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Wednesday's practice report: Locker, Aguilar look ready for Saturday

Sorry this came late. My computer had issues to the point where I wanted to throw it against the wall.

It was pretty crisp practice for the Huskies. As expected defensive linemen Cameron Elisara (stinger), Talia Crichton (knee) and Johri Fogerson (hip) did not practice.

Quarterback Jake Locker practiced and did more than I expected. He did all the individual work, 7 on 7 and several team snaps.

“Jake looked really good today,” head coach Steve Sarkisian said. “It was his best Wednesday in three weeks.”

So were the extra team snaps a product of how good he looked?

“I felt like coming into this week and Monday and yesterday that he was a lot further along. I wanted to get him part of that team setting,” Sarkisian said.

Locker will be a full go at practice on Thursday. Though it remains to be seen how much Sarkisian wants to run him on Saturday against a physical Stanford defense.

Another player, who took part extensively and looked better than he has was wide receiver Devin Aguilar.

“Devin looks great,” Sarkisian said. “This is the best he’s looked since he initially got hurt. I think he’s fine to go.”

Aguilar was in good spirits after the practice.

“I feel real good,” he said. “I feel like I can get back out there and contribute the way I was before the injury.”

It hasn’t been fun sitting on the sidelines.

“It’s been frustrating but it’s something you can’t control,” he said. “All you can do is go to rehab and get better. At the same time, I’d be thinking I could have made some plays. On third downs, I’m one of those receivers that make plays.”

The Huskies continued to work out with the offensive line of Erik Kohler at right tackle, Collin Porter at right guard, Drew Schaeffer at center, Ryan Tolar at left guard and Senio Kelemete at left tackle. When asked if they were going to stick with that look Sarkisian was a little curt.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Sarkisian said. “Next question.”

Well, then.

There were other questions about the Huskies making the fly sweep work.

Said Sarkisian: Timing. Timing is the thing that when you first get going with it is the concerning part. If you are off a half second, you hitting a guy on his hip or you are missing him or you’re late an the ball gets on the ground. Knock on wood, we’ve been great at it so far this year. And that’s a tribute to our quarterbacks and the rhythm of the motion whether it’s the running back or receiver coming on that motion.

You want top speed, but you also don’t want to be going by too quick where a quarterback can’t make a decision. They’ve done a great job of it all year.

He also talked about Sione Pota’e making his first collegiate start in place of injured Cameron Elisara.

"I'm excited for Sione,” Sarkisian said. “This is a good opportunity for him this week.  He's a kid that has really grown since he's been here, from a mental perspective.  He's such a big grizzly bear of a guy, but he's the most humble gentle giant when you get around him off the field. I think he's really starting to understand that it's really ok to turn that light switch on when you're on the field in-between the lines…to play aggressive and mean.  And when you come off you can be the gentle giant again.

I think actually part of this week it's been good that Daniel Te'o-Nesheim's been here and has gotten a chance to spend a little time with him, because Daniel's the nicest guy in the world off the field, but when he was on the field he was the meanest guy ever, so for Sione it was good for him."