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WSU quotes from Pac-10 media day

Washington State Head Coach Ken Bone“We are anxious to get back out there, see what we can do and change our place in the standings this year. We feel that we have a chance to be pretty competitive in the Pac-10, and we’re looking forward to that.”

On Klay Thompson: “Klay is getting a lot better understanding that the focus is on him, so he’s doing a great job setting up otherguys. We feel we can compete this year and hopefully finish games at a better level.”

On the newcomers: “We have three freshmen and a junior college transfer. Dre Winston is a quick guard out of Seattle, and he’llprobably end up backing up Reggie Moore. He has a pretty good feel for the game. He is a great athlete and quick defender. Patrick Simon, who is from Ephrata, Washington, committed to the program four years ago. He’s finally a Coug. He has good instincts and can really shoot the ball. He’s an outstanding shooter with a quick release. We also have Dexter Kernich-Drew out of Australia. He is very skilled and extremely athletic. Faisal Aden is an excellent shooter, and he finds ways to score off the bounce. He’s going to be able to give us some good depth, which we really lacked last year.”

On the Pac-10 this year: “It really helped that Washington and Cal represented our conference well in the NCAA Tournament last year. Washington is bringing some really good guys back, and they’ve recruited some good players. With the exposure Washington received last year, and players in the conference like Klay Thompson, the conference will not be down for long, and we will compete nationally this year.”

Washington State junior guard Klay ThompsonOn what the he concentrated on in the offseason“This summer I focused on getting quicker and stronger because that will help me be more ef!cient with my scoring and setting my teammates up and just improving my overall athleticism. It will help me take my game to a new level instead of being one-dimensional.”

On his international experience: “I got a gold medal which was the best part. What I took away from that is that I can compete against anybody because I played against some of the best players in the world my age. It gave me a new boost of confidence knowing I could compete with some of the best kids in college basketball and some of the best kids around the world. With the improvements I made this summer, I’ll be that much more ef!cient. I have a lot of help this year with Reggie Moore and DeAngelo Casto. We got some great newcomers. I’m looking forward to playing with Faisal Aden because he’s a great scorer.”

On his brother, Mychel, who plays at Pepperdine: “My brothers and I always used to compete because we were so close in age. We grew up playing every sport together. Whenever we have time, we still play one-on-one and hoop as many times as we can. It’s great to seehim play at Pepperdine, and I think he’s going to have a big year this year.”