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UW mauls Virginia, 106-63; Kentucky next

UW 106, Virginia 63.

The Huskies shot 58 percent from the field, including 17 of 26 3-pointers (65.4 percent). The 17 treys tied a school record and were two short of the tournament record. Washington had 40 points in the paint, 26 off turnovers, 13 on second chances, 18 on fast breaks and 50 from its bench.

“We got outplayed in every facet of the game,” Bennett said. “Certainly, that’s an experienced, explosive team. When they have an open look, at least tonight, they don’t miss. … They could really do whatever they want. We were not sound enough.”

Virginia guard Joe Harris led all scorers with 19 points.

UW’s Justin Holiday had a game-high nine rebounds. Isaiah Thomas led the Huskies with 18 points. However, 11 Huskies scored -- everyone but walkon Brendan Sherrer.

"I think what we saw was the accuracy with the 3-point shot," coach Lorenzo Romar said. "But I think what was there was a high level of focus on the defensive end, on the boards, in all aspects. And I think that helped with our shooting because we were so focused, we were so dialed in tonight. It was a great, great team effort. You've got to take those because you don't get a shooting performance like that every day."

The Huskies get the dream matchup with Kentucky/Calipari/Terrence Jones at 6:30 Tuesday (ESPN).

"If I really wanted to do the media a favor, I could make up some wild story that we hate Kentucky and all that," Romar said. "But that’s not the case. Sorry. Kentucky is the next opponent. If it wasn’t Kentucky and it were Oklahoma then we’d have animosity toward them because they were the next opponent. We respect Kentucky’s program and the job that they do. Terrence Jones is a fantastic basketball player."

Grudge aside, here's more from Romar on the Wildcats:

"I'm really impressed with them. They're a well-coached team. Disciplined. They don't take many bad shots. They don't gamble a lot on defense. But yet, they have the athleticism and the talent to really present some problems. They're very active out there on the basketball floor. I'm really impressed with them."

More reaction from the Huskies on their Maui debut:

Isaiah Thomas on being focused: "This is the Maui Invitational. You hear so much about it, we wanted to come out aggressive and just play hard. That was the main thing: play hard and do things right. And we did for the most part."

And Justin Holiday: "First of all, seeing this tournament on TV, you know it's a big tournament, everybody's watching it. You see teams from all around the nation -- top teams -- being able to play against each other. And to be able to be in this tournament, it's a great opportunity for this team to show what we're able to do and see where we are among the rest of the nation. Growing up watching this tournament, it was always like, 'Man I wish we was able to play in that tournament,' or 'The teams in this tournament are so good.' Now we're here. We're the team that other people are watching, like, 'Look at Washington, doing something.'"


2nd/9:42 Overton just scored on a drive, meaning all 10 scholarship Huskies who have played have scored.

2nd/10:46: UW up, 75-42. And while the Huskies are getting inside easily enough, they're also gunning. Unofficially, Thomas has three treys, Holiday two, Suggs one, Wilcox three and Ross three.

2nd/15:06 UW up, 64-37, and the Huskies don't really seem significantly more challenged than they had been against McNeese or Eastern Washington.

Second half: Has just tipped off. Original lineup back in for the Huskies.

Halftime: UW 55, Virginia 31.

The Cavaliers do not at all yet look like a Tony Bennett team, offensively or defensively. They shoot early in their offense, and the haven't made the Huskies work especially long or hard for good shots.

By the way, this gym isn't air conditioned and has the reputation of a hot stuffy gym, but it's relatively comfortable tonight... shouldn't be a factor.

1st/3:27 Huskies up 48-28.

1st/7:11 Thomas hits another three. He has 14 points, and Huskies up 37-17. In addition to playing well, they're playing hard ... getting the hustle plays.

Also Romar has gone deep into bench already, with N'Diaye, Wilcox, Overton, Suggs, and now Jones getting minutes. I also believe everybody but Overton has scored ... and of course he contributes in other ways.

1st/9:16 Back-to-back 3's by Wilcox and Huskies are rolling, 30-15.

1st/12:02; UW gaining some workmanlike distance. Couple of nice baskets by N'Diaye, and a nice drive by Gaddy. Huskies up, 24-13.

1st/15:41: Huskies up early, 13-7. Thomas has eight points.

Tipoff: The game has begun. UW going with usual starters: MBA, Gant, Holiday, Gaddy and Thomas.

7:02 p.m., local time:The game, scheduled to begin two minutes ago, apparently is being delayed a bit as men in flowered shirts work on the netting of the goal that will be on the left side of the TV screen.

They seem to be wrapping up now, drawing some applause from the crowd.

Hopefully we'll get going soon.

Pregame: The Huskies and Cavaliers are warming up, about to play the final game of today's Maui-opening four-game set. The game will be shown on ESPN2, and broadcast on 950-AM.

There's a nice dotting of UW purple and U.Va. orange in the stands for this nightcap.

As for the teams themselves, Virginia is in blue, while UW is in its new whites: "Huskies" on front, a bit of a faintly imprinted design along the numbers in back.