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This place all ready for the wrecking ball

Doomsday? Nah - the Cal Bears are going to have virtually a new home in 2012, so the closing of old Memorial Stadium today will be a celebration.

Except for the walk around the venue trying to get in. Signs of construction are everywhere. Big chunks of the facility's roaming area are fenced off.

Seconds after this game is over, the cranes and wrecking balls will be warming up ... to get the much-anticipated renovation in motion.

Dank and gloomy - that is the forecast today. It rained all night here in Berkeley (lodging was at the marina), and it is still sprinkling an hour before kickoff.

Must be warmer than Washington - four or five Huskies have been runnign around for pre-game stuff with their shirts off. It's like an early-October day around Montlake, in terms of the weather.

Folks around here not expecting much for a crowd. We'll see. Updates later.