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UW 'can play with any team in the country'

COACH LORENZO ROMAROverview: “I thought defensively we were way too lax in the second half. It’s the first half that we’ve played that way all year, I thought. We’ve had much better defensive efforts in other games. In spite of it, we shot the ball fine, we made the extra pass, all those things. But tonight we didn’t do as good a job defensively – especially in the second half – and that’s been one of the best things we’ve done all year. … But still, we were able to win the game, we were able to get some guys minutes.”

On starting Aziz N'Diaye over Matthew Bryan-Amaning) “Matthew still played the same amount of minutes – in fact, he played more than his average,” Romar said. “… I thought Aziz was just fantastic in Maui, and he worked so hard, he was so dialed in, that we rewarded him with the start.”

On shooting guard C.J. Wilcox) "I thought a couple times tonight he was too unselfish. He had looks and he just passed the ball. I call him a video game sometimes when he is out there shooting. He just sits there -- his feet are set. Let me take that back, his feet are always set. He works really hard. His dad did a phenomenal job with him teaching him the fundamentals of shooting. He has got one of the nicest jump shots and gets his feet set as well as anyone I have seen. I mean that’s Ray Allen kind of stuff. The way he shoots the basketball, they way he keeps his balance."

MBAOn not starting) "Yeah, I found out first practice after Maui. Coach was saying I need to be more of a leader, be smarter with my decision making, and putting more effort when I’m out on the court."

On if it changed his approach to the game) "I know regardless of if I’m starting of not I’m going to play the same amount of minutes. It’s just the way the team is set up. At the same time, everyone wants to start, so you just got to put for the effort day in and day out, and it starts in practice."

On his plan going forward) "Same thing. Just got to bring it every day in practice, and it starts with myself. I can’t look to anyone else and I can’t make any excuses. I’ve been here long enough and know what I’m supposed to do."

ISAIAH THOMASOn the game) "We came out and played hard, especially in the first half. We got all the key plays like loose balls and rebounds. In the second half we didn’t do too well in that category, but at the same time we played hard and came out with the win."

On his offensive approach) I just wanted to be highly aggressive. That’s not just me trying to score, but making plays for others, so I came in with the mindset that I have to turn it up a bit from the first five games and be aggressive, make plays for others and myself."

On C.J. Wilcox, who had a game-high and career-high 20 points, including 6-of-8 shooting on 3-pointers) "What did he miss, two shots? That’s a bad night for him. He missed two threes. You’ve always got to know where he is, especially him, Terrence Ross, and Scott Suggs. You’ve got to know where those guys are, especially if you want assists because they’re going to make the shot. As a point guard, you’ve got to know where your shooters are."

WILCOXOn his performance) “Everyone had the expectation of me shooting the ball well. I don’t really feel like I was showing it like I was all hyped up to be. Luckily, my teammates were looking for me (Tuesday) and that gave me the opportunity to knock down shots.”

Beach coach DAN MONSONOn Washington) "I think they have done that to everybody. They are really deep and balanced, and they were actually missing shots in the first half that they have been making, and they made them in the second half to really break it open. It is hard to simulate that pressure. By the time Michigan State got comfortable with it, it was almost too late, and by the time we got comfortable with it, it was too late. They were in way too good of an offensive rhythm in the second half for us to come back."

"I think that they can play with any team in the country, especially when they are shooting the ball well and in good offensive rhythm. You have to be able to take something away from a team like Washington, and we are not able to do that. They key off of their defense and they just have a lot of weapons."

On Wilcox) "We knew he was a shooter. What I was disappointed in was that a lot of his baskets were while we were in man. We were trying to switch, but we weren’t quick enough to cover him on the perimeter. They are a very good team, and you can’t stop everything."