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No. 23 Huskies roll past Texas Tech

Huskies were in control wire to wire, and it goes into the books as a 108-79 win.

No. 23 Washington moves to 5-2. Tech goes to 5-4.

Here's an overview from UW coach Lorenzo Romar:

We are pleased with the final score. I look at the stat sheet and I see that Mike (Singletary) scored six points for the game. Although he wasn’t their leading scorer, he had 27 last game and was dangerous a year ago. He scored against a Big-12 team something like 20 points. We were very concerned about him. Justin Holiday did a phenomenal job on him and (John) Roberson who really hurt us last year, scored 25 – scored one point in the second half. David Tairu, their other guard, between the two, scored 5 points and that played a big part in the second half – how we were able to distance ourselves. Also, we shared the ball, made the extra pass quite a bit. The first few minutes of the second half we were kind of rushing things and shooting the ball too quickly and we settled down after that. All and all we did a lot of good things. Texas Tech is hard to guard because they run the motion. We really have to be alert, you cant have any breakdowns or they capitalize on it. They can be good enough to where

And another from Texas Tech coach Pat Knight:

“I think they [Washington] are better than they were last year. They pass the ball a lot better. Last year they relied on a couple of guys more than they do this year. I mean they have five guys out on the floor who are a threat. Especially deep threats. I think that they are a lot more team oriented this year. Instead of just being able to key in on one or two guys, you have to pay attention to the whole team. It can be ahuge problem when a couple of guys get hot.

“They [Washington] can really shoot the ball well. For teams that don’t shoot the ball well like us, we can run into some trouble if we miss a couple of shots in a row and they make some. I think Washington just has a lot of team balance.”

“I think that we scored enough points. We average around 80 points a game, and that’s definitely enough to win, but we killed ourselves with turnovers. They had 28 points off turnovers and when we turn the ball over and they can score off of it then we have a problem. We killed ourselves from that standpoint.”

Huskies don't have much time to celebrate: they'll practice tomorrow and meet Portland at 7 p.m. Monday at Hec Ed.

2nd/3:48 UW up, 98-72. Aziz N'Diaye has just fouled out. Brendan Sherrer gomes in in his place.

Fan in stands holding banner saying "Beat Raiders" on one side and "Beat Cougars" on other.

2nd/6:07 UW up, 94-70, and lots of fans are heading for the exits, and perhaps their Apple Cup-viewing parties. Huskies have been in control throughout this one.

2nd/10:26 Huskies still sailng, 81-62 MBA up to 18 points.

Second half ... has begun. Same starters in for UW.

Halftime: UW sailing, 61-42. Holiday has 19 points, already a career high. Thomas has 14. Bryan-Amaing 10. Holiday also leads UW with seven rebounds.

As a team, UW shooting 61.5 percent, Tech 48.3. UW 20 rebounds, Tech 16. UW 4-of-7 on treys (57.1). UW 32-20 points in paint, 18-8 points off turnovers, 8-0 fastbreak points.

Guard John Robertson leads the Red Raiders with 13 points, guard David Tairu has 10.

1st/7:17 UW up, 40-25. Holiday up to 15 points. Wilcox has come in and nailed a three. MBA has come in and dropped in three baskets from close range.

1st/15:33 UW up, 14-10; and Justin Holiday has 13 of UW's points, including three 3-pointers.

Tipoff: The game has begun.

Huskies going with same lineup as they did for Long Beach: Gaddy, Thomas, N'Diaye, Holiday and Gant.

Tech going with Brad Reese, Robert Lewandowski, John Roberson, David Tairu and Mike Singletary.

Pregame: Husky fans can have a two-sport doubleheader today, as the 23rd-ranked men's basketball team tips off at home against Texas Tech at 1 p.m. ... meaning it should be over about an hour before the Huskies and Cougars kickoff the Apple Cup in Pullman.

The gates have just opened at Hec Ed and the teams are loosening up on the court: Huskies in white, Raiders in black. I'll keep the blog open through the basketball game for pregame, in-game and postgame notes and quotes.

The basketball game will be shown on FSN while the radio broadcast moves to 1150-AM, leaving the usual 950-AM free for Apple Cup coverage.