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Heisman vote: If I can (play), I'm Cam

Almost forgot to pass this long from earlier this week. As I was tying up some loose ends from my recent trip to the Apple Cup in Pullman, and my future visit to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl, I got a friendly ring Tuesday from the "308."

"Um, Todd ... we need your Heisman Trophy vote ASAP!"

Oh, crap - that! Columnist John McGrath, who also gets to help select the top player in college football, had reminded me that the deadline was Dec. 7 ... but guess I didn't see it coming that soon.

So, guess who was the last guy to place the vote before the Heisman people released its four finalists - Oregon running back LaMichael James, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore and Auburn quarterback Cam Newton?


So I figured I'd let the readers in on my selection - with one premise in mind: Facts and numbers.

It made my pick easy - Newton.

Yes, with the recent Reggie Bush giving-back-my-Heisman transaction for receiving improper benefits while at Southern California, a good-citizen emphasis has certainly formed. Statistics are great - even mandated - but the other off-the-field stuff has to be in order, too.

The where-there's-smoke, there's-fire allegations swirling around Newton that he/his father sought out SEC schools who would handsomely pay for the talented quarterback's services has certainly impacted the voters.

Some left Newton off the ballot completely.

I didn't.

That's not to say Newton had been my No. 1 choice all along. In fact, most of the season I was leaning toward Moore, who is from Prosser in Eastern Washington.

In a span of a few days in late November, my consideration swayed for good in Newton's direction ... because:

1, The NCAA cleared the Tigers' star from wrongdoing.2, For my money, Newton (3,998 total yards, 48 total touchdowns this season) led the season's best comeback against Alabama, down 24-0, only to win 28-27 on the road.3, Boise State lost at Nevada.

So, my ballot was ...1, Newton.2, Moore.3, Luck.