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Aggies block Thomas shot for 63-62 win

Aggies win, 63-62. Isaiah Thomas stole the ball from Nathan Walkup to give UW one last chance, but his final shot was rejected by A&M's David Loubeau.

UW falls to 6-3.

Aggies climb to 9-1 and extend non-conference regular season home streak to 70 games.

Thomas leads UW with 13 points, N'Diaye with seven rebounds. Justin Holiday limited to 15 minutes before fouling out.

2nd/1:27: UW makes another run, cutting Aggies lead to 63-62.

2nd/3:52 Holiday fouls out on an offensive foul away from the ball. Aggies up, 63-576 with possession.

2nd/7:42: A&M, 57-49. Aggies have starting hitting shots. Their shooting percentage is up to 46, while Huskies still down around 37 where it's been all day. Aggies also now pounding UW on boards, 32-23. Huskies just aren't blocking out, and that's giving A&M second chances too often. Also 17 UW turnovers with only nine assists.

2nd/11:31 Aggies seemed to be creating some daylight with a 46-41 lead, momentum, and harder work than UW under the boards. However, back to back treys by Wilcox and Gant got UW back in front, 47-46. Now A&M has nosed ahead, 48-47.

2nd/15:51: A&M, 43-41. Holiday on the bench since the 17:31 mark with four fouls.

Second half: ... has tipped off. No changes in lineup. Aggies begin with a six-point run, forcing UW into an early time out. A&M, 35-32.

Halftime: UW up, 32-29. The magin came on a late sequence when A&M drew a technical foul after an emphatic block on an Overton drive. Isaiah Thomas hit both free throws, and then C.J. Wilcox nailed a 3-pointer when possession was returned to the Huskies.

Shooting remains a problem for both teams: UW 37, A&M 38. Aggies lead 21-19 on rebounds. A&M has 10 turnovers to UW's nine.

Thomas leads UW with eight points. A&M's Loubeau leads all scorers with 11.

1st/3:55 Still even, 23-23.

1st/7:47 Even at 17-17. Stats as even as the score so far. Shooting percentages, UW 38, A&M 39. Rebounds 13 each. Turnovers, A&M 7, Huskies 6.

1st/11:42: A&M, 16-10.

1st/15:05 Huskies not reacting well to A&M pressure. On consecutive trips, Isaiah Thomas also get called for delay when the Aggies pressured the inbound pass and no Huskies came to help. Then Venoy Overton was picked in open court, leading to an A&M break and layup. Then an unforced error as a pass to Thomas just sailed low and wide.

A&M, 9-6. Half the Aggies points from 6-8 forward David Loubeau, who is beating the Huskies down court.

Tipoff: We're under way.

(I'll keep this blog updated. Game also is on ESPN2 and 950-AM.)

Lineups: The lineups have been announced: UW going with what has become the usual: Abdul Gaddy, Isaiah Thomas, Aziz N'Diaye, Justin Holiday and Darnell Gant.

Aggies going with Hams, Loubeau, Holmes, Middleton and Walkup.

Off court, there seems to be something of a whiteout promotion going ... although primarily in the student sections.

Also, very very cool pregame traditions here -- chants, singing, locking arms and swaying -- and one great fight song.

Btw, this is the post we'll keep open for the rest of the afternoon for pregame, in-game and postgame reports... and hopefully your comments on what really projects as one of the important and informative games of the UW non-conference season.