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Reaction to Huskies 30-point pounding of Pack

COACH LORENZO ROMAROpening Statement) Well with the exception of us not containing the dribble, allowing too much penetration that led to too many free throws for the Nevada team. I was really pleased with how our guys played tonight, held them to 28% from the field, 16% from the three-point line. I thought our guys did a really nice job, a tremendous job on the backboard. Four guys in there with almost double digit rebounding, including Isaiah Thomas with eight, that was really good. That team has been pretty good on the boards, and I thought we dominated the boards tonight. That team has some scorers, some quickness in there, but I thought our guys did a pretty good job. I thought we shared the ball, and took care of the ball with five turnovers. In two games, now with nine [turnovers], I think we’ve made some progress in the last week or two.

On Isaiah Thomas' 24 points, eight rebounds and four assists) I’ve said many times that Isaiah is a guard that can do a lot of different things. He’s shooting it well, he’s coming off screens knocking shots down. If he has to run a team, then he runs the team. I just think he’s talented enough to adjust his game and adapt to the situation.On turning the ball over just five times today and nine times in two games) It’s more than what you’re looking for. With as many possessions that we have each game, we’re okay with 13 turnovers in a game. We don’t want any more that, but anything under we’re comfortable considering the possessions we have. When you get it into single digits, you’re doing a really good job. You have to give the credit to Venoy, Abdul, and Isaiah. They’ve been doing a great job of taking care of the basketball.

MATTHEW BRYAN-AMANINGOn this game as preparation for Pac-10 play next week) I think just being aggressive, obviously for us, myself and Aziz, we got to concentrate on crashing the boards. The guards that we have did a good job of finishing today, just being ready and finishing around the rim.

On the start of Pac-10 play) Yeah it’s something we look forward to. No disrespect to any of the teams we have played but we just know obviously the level is going to go up game in and game out. There’s not necessarily going to be any blow outs. There’s going to be tough games on the road and home. On preparing for the rest of the season) Just early game formalities, we know what type of stuff we have to work on. Obviously rebounding, half court offense, that sort of stuff. Now that we know what areas we’re deficient in, we’ve worked on those things to get them to a level that everything else is.

AZIZ N'DIAYEOn feeling more comfortable playing with MBA) "Yeah, I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job. He’s good on the block and I’ve just been letting I’m do his move, I’m confident he will make the right move and I’m just getting ready to crash in case he needs a rebound. We’ve been working together in practice. Coach has been doing a pretty good job putting us on the same team so we can practice together and I think as a result we’re just going to keep getting better as the season goes on."

ISAIAH THOMASOn the aggressive play tonight) Yeah coming out I just wanted to play aggressive, not just to score but to make plays. This is our last tune up to the Pac-10 and I got to just be more aggressive, and I did that tonight. I took what the defense gave me and we played well.

On playing without Overton who was available, but kept out due to knee injury) It was a little weird, but at the same time we have so much talent. Not to say that we forgot about him, but there’s always another guy. But it’s weird, especially knowing I have to pick the ball up every time, even when Abdul’s not in the game, so I can’t wait for him to get back so I don’t have to do that.

On becoming more aggressive closer to Pac-10 play) You could say that, but I just know the real season starts now. You got to come ready to play each and every game and each and every practice and just get better. Like I said it was our last tune up to Pac-10 play and I wanted to play a good game and be real aggressive.

NEVADA coach DAVID CARTEROverview) It was mostly what they were doing to us. They dictated the entire pace of the game. The shots they took were really good. We didn’t get back well. We didn’t rebound well. I told the guys that Washington is a top 25 team. They are very strong and battle tested. You don’t put your head down after getting beat by a great team. I mean it is embarrassing, but you have to keep your head up and learn from it, because one day that is where you want to be. It isn’t like we just got beat by the little sister of the poor; I mean they have some future NBA players on their team.

We weren’t contesting any shots and you can’t do that against a really good shooting team like Washington.

On positives) I thought that in the first half we were in it with them. We were competing on the glass with them and we matched up well. I thought that we missed some key free throws that they were able to take and run with.

On controlling the pace) It was pretty difficult, because I didn’t want to use all of my timeouts. You try to wait for media timeouts, but with a good team like that you really have to get a stop, score, and then get another stop. Using timeouts alone isn’t enough.