Huskies Insider Blog

No more hiding as both teams now at Qualcomm Stadium

Hola from cool Qualcomm Stadium. Temperatures won't be very warm - possibly in the high 40-degree to lower 50-degree range as the night goes on.

Running backs coach Joel Thomas just led the Huskies onto the field for the first time tonight - to a moderate ovation. Many UW fans are still tail-gating in the massive parking lot here (even getting along with its Nebraska counterparts).

As you've heard, the UW will don its all-back uniforms tonight - the same ones from the final home contest against UCLA. Gives them mojo. Or so they're hoping.

Press box is open air. We're at the north-end of the stadium, right along the "red" San Diego end zone. Because this used to be home to the San Diego Padres, it still carries a lot of baseball dimensions - lots of space in between the sideline and the grandstands.

Longer-than-usual halftime show tonight, and with the game being on ESPN, expecting a 10:30 p.m. finish. Enjoy.