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Romar, Huskies react to loss of Gaddy

ROMARAnnouncement) Yesterday towards the end of practice, Abdul Gaddy was driving the rim, planted on his left leg and at that point tore his ACL. He will be out for the remainder of the season. When something like that happens, it's tough. It's tough to sit there in front of him and the doctor and watch him hear the news that he's not going to play basketball anymore this year. It's hard for everyone. It's hard for me as a coach go through that. He worked so hard during the season to get to where he was having a really good year this year. He was really helping this basketball team, he was having fun don doing something that he loved. It has been temporarily put on hold because of that injury."

Prognosis) "Obviously we're going to stick right with him and help him through this. He'll be back. He's going t work hard. He'll be back as strong as ever. Thank goodness, the way things work now, medicine allows kids to come back and be healthy. We have one of the best medical situations in the country. He's going to be in good hands. It's just hard to see him have to go through something like this. ... I think he will definitely be able to be back by the fall."

Who steps up as starter) “We'll decide that pretty soon. We have three wings, Scott Suggs, Terrence Ross, C.J. Wilcox. Any one of those guys could be in there. But envoy is certainly capable. It's not that he's capable or not, he's been doing such a good job coming off the bench.

“It may be panic to the rest of the world, I'm not panicked. I'm concerned for Abdul. Fortunately we have a lot of depth of this team. Guys will step up. You just hate to see someone go down like that and not be able to play. You feel bad for him."

On which wing has best ball-handling skills) "Scott Suggs probably. When this has happened before, guys have been down, Scott has played the point."

On the team regaining focus in time for Oregon) "I think the guys will rally. It's fresh, it's new. Everyone loves Abdul. Everyone gets along with him. That's going to be hard for everyone. It was hard for everyone yesterday when he went down. I think they're be back and ready to play."

ISAIAH THOMASOn his history with Gaddy in Tacoma) "He’s really like a brother. Like family. Like I said, it hurt me when he told me. I wanted to cry. It’s just sad that it happens to a great person like that. He’s just so unselfish. The last thing he’s worried about is himself. When it happens to a good person like that, it hurts even more. When it hits that close to home it makes you feel the pain and just humbles you that much more."

On how the team will get by) "Guys got to pick it up. Not to put anybody out there, but Venoy’s got to pick it up. That’s the main guy. He’s going to take his position. He’s got to pick it up and go off of what Gaddy’s done this year. Gaddy’s been having a good year. We’ve just got to pick it up and everybody’s got to pick it up in the little aspects of what they do."

On his role in rallying the team) "No doubt. It’s another chip on your shoulder that we lost another big part of our team, but it is not the end of the season. It’s the start of a new season in the Pac-10. Guys got to pick it up."

On whether team can still accomplish goals) "Yeah. That’s why this team is so good. We’ve got so much talent. You can’t just key an eye on one person. He’s down, that’s another guy’s opportunity to get more playing time and show what he’s capable of doing."

VENOY OVERTONOn the news) "It's going to be tough, just the fact that we've been having that three-guard rotation. That's not going to happen now. It's going to be a lot of it on myself, a lot of the guards are going to have to step up."

On his own health) "It's just getting about that time that I am 100 percent. I still have nicks here and there, but legs-wise I'm at 100 percent. It's not an injury that should slow me down in my speed or quickness or anything. I just feel little things like my shoulder, little stuff. Not that big. I'm 100 percent, ready to go."

On whether he has to back off defensively to avoid foul trouble now that there's less depth at point guard) "I'm not really worried about that. This season, I've done a pretty good job not getting in foul trouble. I think there's maybe been a couple games that I've been in foul trouble. But I haven't been in foul trouble too much this year. So I feel like I am just going to stay aggressive the way I am, and trust that my teammates, if I am in foul trouble, they can step up."

On focusing this weekend) "It's just really hard. You don't expect anything like this happening. It just happens. Just got to have your hard hat on at all times, and just know that when stuff goes wrong, everybody else has to step it up and pick it back up. Nobody expected this. Everybody's down, feeling sorry for him. But in the end, we can't feel sorry for him, we've got to just go play."