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Romar explains decision to start Overton

We learned yesterday that Abdul Gaddy was out for the season, but we didn't learn until today that UW coach Lorenzo Romar would move senior Venoy Overton into his starting spot.

Romar wouldn't commit to necessarily keeping this lineup over the long term. However, he gave this explanation on why he went that way tonight, and the impact it has on the rest of the rotation:

"We knew that (Oregon) would press just about the entire game. We felt that this first time without Abdul, we knew we would need two ball-handlers. That’s why we did it. Also, Venoy is a senior, and he’s experienced, and in this transition we felt that we’d be fine doing that.

"In terms of the rotation, what it means is Scott Suggs had 27-28 minutes, and so did Terrence Ross. And if Abdul was here, Abdul’s taking a lot of those minutes. So it simply means some other guys get more minutes. And the other things it means is we don’t play as many minutes of the game with two smaller guards. There were a lot of minutes in that game that we played with a bigger lineups."