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Two last Washington looks at Oregon

A couple of UW quotes about the Ducks from after yesterday's game that didn't get into my coverage today.

Coach Lorenzo ROMAR on this Oregon team:When I was an assistant at UCLA we played the Washington Huskies and that year they won five games – that was Bob Bender’s first year. I remember even thought they won five games looking at that team and saying they are headed in the right direction, they have a plan, they are going to be much better. And they ended up being much better. And I say the same thing about Oregon. I think that they did an outstanding job tonight. This is not going to be an Oregon team that’s going to go through the Pac-10 and end up 1-17. I think they’re going to beat some people. They’ve got shooters. They’ve got Catron (Joevan) who we just had a tough time tonight. They’re going to do fine.

Matthew BRYAN-AMANING on Oregon's Joevan Catron, who had a double-double:"He’s a really good player. We knew he was coming into the game. I think he did well—he was drawing a lot of fouls, he was 9-10 from the free throw line, but we held him to 5-14 from the field. It’s not that we were doing a horrible job on him. He’s a real good player…He doesn’t get enough credit for how good of a scorer he is, him being only 6-foot-6 and playing in the post, and being able to do a lot of different stuff. Give credit to Oregon, they know who their weapons are and they were going to them a lot."