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Talking about those Huskies ... and Seahawks

Naturally, coach Lorenzo Romar was happy with his Huskies' 103-72 win over Oregon State today.

But that wasn't the first game he mentioned in his postgame press conference.

“How about the Seahawks,” he said. “Sweet.”

Here's what Romar had to say about his own team:

Being 4-0 in conference) It beats the alternative, that’s for sure. It’s something. We’ll enjoy this today. But we hit the road again. We have two opponents on the road. One at this point is undefeated (in conference) and the other has played real good despite not getting more wins. Cal against Arizona, they were impressive on the road for a young team, and they won today. So we have our work cut out for us. We’ve got to practice right. We can’t rest on our laurels at this point. Continue to get better.On Isaiah Thomas' 19 points and eight assists with only one turnover) Isaiah is playing now like he played at the end of the year last year. He was a basketball player/guard. I mean he goes out tonight and scores 19 points. It’s not like he scored seven points and was just passing the basketball. But he’s much more aware of finding guys when he pentrates. He looks. He had a great great mix of going to the basket strong when he needed to, but kicking the ball out when he needed to as well. He’s just playing really good right now.

On Matthew Bryan-Amaning's 24 points and 15 rebounds: We started to go to him more. But our guys did a good job of going inside period. Aziz N’Diaye was the beneficiary of some drop-offs by our guards. Fifty-two points in the pain today.

VENOY OVERTONOn UW's slow start and strong finish) "We knew exactly what they were going to do. But the first half we just wasn’t getting it done. They got a lot of second-chance points. In the second half we shut that down. We got it done."

ISAIAH THOMASOn what changed between halves) I think we just gave them too many easy baskets, second chance points, and we needed to have stops. If we had stops, we probably could’ve been up 10-15 points at half. They got a lot of easy buckets, some contested that, miss it or make it, you can’t do anything about it, just a lot of second chance points.

On MBA) He was just aggressive .He was going after every board. And when he does that, he was a force in there. He was making his layups and doing good moves. When he gets second-chance points and rebounds, one time he got the rebound and went down and got the layup. When he’s energized like that he’s kind of hard to guard.MBAOn Overton's shot before halftime that gave UW the lead for good) I told Isaiah going into the locker room that I knew that shot was going in, and we were able to come out in the second half and ride that momentum. We just tried to come out and make that big push.

OSU coach CRAIG ROBINSONOn the start of the second half) That was turnovers, offensive rebounds by them, and they are a momentum team so once they get going, it was like we were a completely different team. I really think, without looking at the tapes, we had three turnovers in the first half and out-rebounded them in the first half. In the first five minutes of the second half it seemed like it flip flopped to the third power. I felt like we had a couple opportunities to cut the lead from 15 to 10, but we either missed a foul shot or didn’t complete the and-one. It is little things that can get you back into a game that we couldn’t do. That’s the danger against everybody, if you can’t make those kinds of plays. I thought up until that point we were scoring right along with them. The score was close to being tied. But then when you turn the ball over and give them more opportunities to score, and you don’t get those opportunities it widens the margins.

On what went right the first half) We were running our offense, we weren’t making turnovers, and we were playing defense, the complete opposite of the second half.

On the comparison of UW now to last year) It’s hard to tell, we played them better last year, but I thought that them having Pondexter would make them a better team, but Amaning is good. He might be pro too, I’m not sure. He is pretty darn good; he kills us every time we play them. Zero those two guys out; this is probably a better team.