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Romar: 'It's very serious,' everyone practices

UW coach Lorenzo Romar has just concluded his press conference.

Among the highlights, he admitted that one of his players is under police investigation, and added "It's very serious."

However, he said all players will practice this afternoon and that he expects everyone who played last week to travel to the Stanford game on Thursday.

Here is his opening statement:

"We have been informed that there is an investigation about an allegation with regard to one of our student athletes. And I want you to know it is something that we take very serious at this point. I'm going to repeat that: It's very serious. However, there is not nearly enough information for us to determine what's going to be done here. Right now we just have to have a little more time to decide what's going to come of it."

On another topic, he said that point guard Abdul Gaddy will undergo surgery Friday to repair his ACL tear.

I'll be back with more soon.