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Q&A from Romar media meeting Tuesday

Opening statement: "We have been informed that there is an investigation about an allegation with regard to one of our student athletes. And I want you to know it is something that we take very serious at this point. I'm going to repeat that: It's very serious. However, there is not nearly enough information at this point for us to determine what's going to be done here. Right now we just have to have a little more time to decide what's going to come of it. Beyond that I'm not going to say much more about it. There are a lot of things I'm not good at, but I am pretty good at not saying much more about it if I say I'm not going to say much more about it. And I know that you'd like to know some things, but I just can't.

What do you tell players in terms of their off-court behavior? "In terms of behavior, this is something that we - different issues, we always address all kind of different things as a team. Sometimes things will happen elsewhere, you can use it as a teaching point with your own group: Individual sessions, sessions on the road, sessions in the airport where you're just talking. Myself and my staff, we don't have type of relationship with our kids - me as a head coach - where we only meet when there is an appointment. We have on-going talks. So, there are a number of different topics and issues that are addressed in many different forms with our group."

Is the school doing its own investigation?"I could answer his question, but I'm just not going to answer any of those. I made my statement about those."

How do you prevent something like this from becoming a distraction to the team? "With our group, there are things that you battle all the time -- this is unique -- but that can be a distraction to your team. Again it's something that is ongoing and hopefully, you've talked with your team, you have a relationship with your team enough when something happens, you're prepared somewhat to deal with it. We haven't covered everything. There are some situations that arise in sports and family situations that just haven't happened to you before, it's the first time, and you have to deal with that. There's some situations there's not necessarily a manual for it, but I think we have a together group and whatever happens with our group, we usually deal with it together."

Are you like a parent worrying about players when they’re out of your sight? "You know how it is with your own kids: ‘Hey we're going to go out. We're going to go to a ballgame. We're going to go a birthday party, or whatever you're going to dom and we'll be back by 10.’ At 10:05, you're wondering, ‘Ah, maybe they got caught by a red light.’ At 10:10, ‘Well maybe ...’ I think it's like that. At any time within a team situation guys are more closer to adults. But I think with your kids, even our own kids are older and you still, someone that you're around a lot, you still want to make sure everything’s OK with them. My wife is older than 20 -- that's for sure -- and if she's gone too long, I'm concerned about that. Anyone close to you, you're always concerned what's going on with them."

Will all players travel to Stanford and practice today?"Yes."

What is the school policy for investigating this kind of thing?"I'm not totally sure. We have a handbook that I haven't consulted yet. Off the top of my head, I'm not sure. … That would probably be a question you might ask (athletic director) Scott Woodward."

Could this derail the season? "We will see. Adversity, it's always interesting how people handle it. It’s always interesting. So we will see."

When did you get news of investigation?"I'm thinking if I could just write ‘No comment.’ You probably know the ones I'm going to say 'no comment on,' although a couple of you have some smooth ones."

When someone is under investigation and that person hasn't been identified, does it cast a shadow the whole team? "Publicly maybe it could. I don't know."