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Romar said loss unrelated to distractions

The inevitable question for coach Lorenzo Romar tonight was whether his team's first Pac-10 loss was in any way related to the off-court distractions of the past week.

His answer (answers, really, since he was asked twice):

"If we were down 15, maybe. We were up 11. We were up 11 with 10 minutes to go. So if we were distracted, we don’t go up 11. … I don’t think it was an issue. We could make it an issue, but I don’t think it was. … If we’re up 11 points with 10 minutes to go something when right. It was mentioned that this was the first time that we were down at halftime – by one point – that doesn’t mean that we were distracted. I don’t think we came out and played like we were in disarray. You’d know if you were in disarray. In the first half we didn’t make a lot of shots, but we got good shots. We played right. Except for that last stretch."

Justin Holiday also was asked, and denied it was a factor.