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Coach unsure if WSU crowd crossed the line

Last week, WSU coach Ken Bone put an open letter in the student newspaper encouraging student to keep it classy in their support of the Cougars against the Huskies on Sunday.

Today he was asked if they lived up to his hopes.

“They did give us a lot of energy," he said. "It was a great crowd. The thing about Pullman is when we have 10,000-11,000 people in the stands, most of that is students, so it does get very loud in there.

"I personally was concentrating on the game. I heard some booing going on toward one of their players. But other than that, different chants and different things, I didn’t even hear it. There were other things that were on my mind, and it wasn’t ‘Hey, I wonder what they’re cheering about.’ So, I’m not sure if they crossed the line or not.”