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No sexual assault charges against UW player

The King County Prosecutor's Office today released this statement regarding its decision not to file a felony charge against a University of Washington athlete accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl:

After completing a thorough investigation into an allegation that a University of Washington Husky basketball player sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl, the Seattle Police Department referred the matter to the King County Prosecutor's Office after concluding that there was insufficient evidence to support criminal charges. The King County Prosecutor's Office has conducted its own review and has reached the same conclusion.

The Prosecutor's Office does not typically name the parties involved in a case that is declined for filing.

The decision to decline to file felony charges is based on the review of witness statements taken by Seattle Police, including statements from a 16-year old friend of the complaining witness, and two other men who were present in the basketball player's apartment. Witnesses describe how the young women contacted the basketball player through Facebook, then later in person. The basketball player met the young women downtown, and then allegedly purchased liquor for them on the way to his apartment. After the young women consumed the liquor, witnesses describe consensual sexual contact.

The young woman involved is 16-years-old and, under Washington State law, is legally capable of consenting to have sexual contact. A charge of Rape in the Third Degree requires proof that a victim clearly expresses a lack of consent by words or conduct. Evidence does not exist in this case to support a charge of Rape in the Third Degree. Therefore, no criminal charges will be filed.

The case has been referred to the Seattle City Attorney's Office for consideration of the filing of misdemeanor charges of furnishing alcohol to a minor.

The university released this statement:

The department of intercollegiate athletics has learned that the King County Prosecutor’s Office has declined to file felony charges against a UW men’s basketball player accused of sexual assault. In deciding not to file felony charges, the Prosecutor has sent the case to the Seattle City Attorney’s office to consider whether to file any misdemeanor charges. Since the case is still working its way through the local judicial system, the university will not be commenting on the matter.

Questions regarding the investigation should be directed to the Seattle City Attorney’s Office or the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

The News Tribune has not named the player because he has not been arrested or charged with a crime.