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Oregon hands UW third straight loss, 81-76

Oregon wins it, 81-76.

Huskies losing streak got to three games. Washington now 15-7 overall and 7-4 in the conference.

Ducks click up to 12-11 and 5-6.

This may have been UW's best-played game of the losing streak ... but man, they are getting themselves into trouble in the league race and maybe even tournament-wise. However, they have five of their next seven league games at home.

MBA leads all scorers with 21 points. Holiday 16, Thomas 13, Ross 12.

Carton led Ducks with 20, Singler 16, Nared 14.

Oregon had 26 points off of 15 UW turnovers.

Here is the overview reaction from coach Lorenzo Romar:

"Our effort pleased me. I thought we put forth a much better effort today. We put forth that type of effort, we’re going to be just in good shape. What we didn’t do was match our effort with the right mental mindset. They scored 26 points off of turnovers. That’s a lot of points. You cut that down just a little bit – you don’t have to have a stellar performance – just cut that down to what we usually do, we give ourselves a better chance.But I thought we defended better, I thought we rebounded better. We did a lot of good things. Oregon’s a good team. They’re doing a great job with this team. There might be a time when you think, wow, you have something good to say when we’ve lost to Oregon, they haven’t won the league for a couple of years, but they’re a better team."

19 After time out, Overton straight to the cup and in. Oregon, 78-76.

0:25 Singler hits two free throws. Oregon, 78-74.

0:32 Thomas layup finished fast break. Oregon, 76-74 with possession.

This place gets pretty loud.

1:21 Oregon, 76-72.

3:03 Lotta UW turnovers again tonight ... 15 as of now. But maybe none bigger than just now when Armstead stole a Suggs pass as the Huskies were going up court with a chance to tie. Ducks scored on that possession and now are up, 58-52. Oregon now has 26 points off turnovers.

5:50 Thomas does a shake and drive to the hole and back to back trips. Oregon up, 67-62.

7:42 Oregon, 62-55. The Ducks got the lead back up to 10 and the crowd was beginning to make the kind of noise crowds make when they think the home team is putting it away. Then Scott Suggs drained a three, quieting things for now.

9:32 Oregon, 58-52.

11:16 Oregon had a strong response after UW took the lead. Ducks up now, 58-50. Huskies back in zone.

14:04 Oregon, 51-47. N'Diaye back in. Wilcox, too.

17:08 Ross 3 puts UW ahead, 43-42.

2nd/18:30 N'Diaye helped wobbly off the court after apparently being hit in the head on a drive.

Huskies in a man now.

Second half: Has begun...

Halftime: Oregon, 37-34.

Ducks shooting 51.9 percent, UW 41.2 percent. But Oregon cooled on 3-pointers after a fast start, 4-of-13. Huskies have 21 rebounds to Oregon's 11. Huskies have 10 turnovers to Oregon's two -- UW's zone is working in some ways, but it's not getting steals or generating offense.

Individually, MBA has 12 points, Ross six, Holiday five, N'Diaye four and Thomas and Wilcox three. For Oregon, Jay-R Strowbridge has eight.

Oregon has 18 points off of turnovers ... that's 18 of 37, so perhaps we've detected an area of emphasis for Romar's halftime discussion.

No one on either team has more than two fouls, and in fact the Huskies picked up only five fouls the whole half. Again, an affect of the zone.

Two more thoughts on the arena. Surprisingly long lines at restrooms. And sound system amazingly bad.

1st/2:55 Oregon, 33-28. Huskies dominating boards, 19-8. MBA leads all scorers with 12 points.

1st/6:22 Oregon, 29-26. Huskies still in zone. Ducks seemed to be pulling away, but 3's by Thomas and Holiday and another inside basketball by MBA (10 points) have inched Dawgs back.

1st/11:07 Oregon, 20-13. Oregon is 4-of-9 on 3-pointers. Tempo has picked up and Huskies are getting away from attacking the basket.

1st/15:49 Oregon, 8-6. Both teams have three field goals, but the Ducks' include two 3-pointers.

Meanwhile, my early impression is that Matt Court feels like less of a pit that Mac Court. Although that could be a function of where the media sits here. In the old place, we were directly across from the Pit Crew student section. Here, we're kind of above and behind them.

1st/17:41 UW off to 4-0 start on a couple of MBA goals around the basket. Ducks call time out. UW sticking in zone so far.

Tipoff: We're under way. Huskies open in 2-3 zone.

Lineups: Huskies go with the usual lineup: Thomas, Suggs, Holiday, MBA and N'Diaye.

5 minutes till tip: Darnell Gant has a quad strain, but is cleared to play.

10 minutes to tip: All Huskies in the house. And the two dealing with injuries -- Darnell Gant and C.J. Wilcox -- seem OK while participating in warmups.

25 minutes to tip: We have a final: UCLA 66, St. John's 59. Good win for the Pac-10.

35 minutes to tip: Something a little different, as the Huskies started their layup line with something like a dunk contest. It got the attention of Oregon's Pit Crew. Especially the misses. But the best was a tween-the-legs-then-throwdown by Terrence Ross.

75 minutes to tip: A few of the band members have drifted in .. they're stationed to the left side, as you'll be watching on TV. The student section -- who got the few bench seats in this place -- will be at the bottom of the screen, across from the team benches. Hec Ed remains the only place in the Pac-10 where the students are behind the team benches.

Meanwhile, it appears the Huskies will be wearing their black unis today. Ducks in white.

80 minutes to tip: Terrenece Ross, celebrating his 20th birthday today, is the first Husky out on the floor. He's having a chat with Lorenzo Romar.

100 minutes before tip: Obviously there's been a lot of controversy about the colorful "tall firs" court here at Oregon. (Shown in the post below.) I gotta say, I like it a lot in person. But, I kinda liked it on TV too, not really noticing the glare that a lot of fans have complained about.

As for the (lack of a clearly visible) center stripe, I didn't see that as much of an issue either. I walked on the court yesterday, and it's certainly more visible from there. And even at that, the center logo is symmetrical enough to provide orientation.

However, coaches have been divided about that. USC coack Kevin O'Neill said they have to add a conventional stripe. UCLA coach Ben Howland didn't see a problem.

Similarly, we asked a couple of members of the UW staff yesterday at practice. Assistant Raphael Chillious said they need to add a stripe. Head coach Lorenzo Romar didn't have a problem with the ways things are.

In any case, whether they end up adding a darker stripe eventually, there's only the light outline today.

Two hours before tip: Just arrived inside Matthew Knight Arena.

A few basics: 1 p.m. tip vs. Oregon, game broadcast on FSN, 950-AM, and of course this blog post will be kept open before, during and after.

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