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Romar: Huskies frustrated but not panicked

Coach Lorenzo Romar acknowledged that fans and others might be panicked after the Oregon handed the Huskies their third-straight loss today, but he said his team is not.

Frustrated yes, but not panicked, as they remember a similar slump last season before going on to bigger things.

"All I can say is we were 5-2 in 2006 and we lost three road games in a row and we were 5-5," Romar said. "Everyone else panicked, but we didn’t We ended up finishing second and going to the Sweet 16. Last year we started out 1-3 and lost by 17 on the road twice – we haven’t done that yet – and hadn’t won a road game. Everyone else panicked, but we didn’t. We ended up coming back, finishing good enough to go to the tournament, and going to the Sweet 16. So this is not just positive thinking I’m talking about. We have a team that is good enough to bounce back, to rebound back. The last five out of seven games are at home in conference, so you would think the schedule is more in our favor. I think we’ve had the most difficult portion of our schedule.

"Our guys are frustrated, no doubt. We have high aspirations. In our minds hopefully you win the league outright and go on, and I don’t know if that’s going to be able to happen at this point – some other teams would have to help us. But this really reminds me of last year. ... because of the effort tonight – we did some things that were positive – I just think that we have a chance to take off like we did last year. What happened today is what needed to happen: We came out and competed."