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Coaches react to Huskies' mauling of Bears

Here's some of what the coaches had to say tonight after Washington's 109-77 win over California:

UW coach LORENZO ROMARWell, for us it all starts on the defensive end. Defensive energy, focus and concentration allows us to be a good basketball team. I think that’s what we’ve been talking about here, and hopefully our team was able to see that tonight and have kind of a reminder that this is what can happen when you come out and you are intense defensively.

It’s interesting the focus that it takes to come out and defend like that somehow translates over to the offensive end in a lot of cases – not every time, but in a lot of cases – because you’re dialed in, you’re just a little bit sharper all the way around. I think that was the case tonight.Cal coach MIKE MONTGOMERYThey [Washington] were really ready to play and we were not near ready for the level of intensity that they brought to the game. They were obviously stunned coming off of three losses, and they did a great job. They got all over Allen Crabbe early with denial and we didn’t respond very well. If you look at it statistically, they scored 109 points and we only got them on the free throw line seven times, we weren’t even close. They were very physical and got in our heads a little bit. We had a hard time rebounding the ball offensively and defensively. I thought they were very prepared and they were intent on coming out and proving a point after three losses and they did.