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Huskies win, 79-62; crucial desert duel awaits

The Huskies stretched their winning streak to three games, snapped a three-game road losing streak, and set the stage for a crucial game Saturday at Arizona.

All of that courtesy of their 79-62 win tonight at Arizona State.

But the win came at some cost: an MCL injury to starting guard Scott Suggs.

No prognosis yet, but maybe in our postgame interviews.

The injury didn’t didn’t take much toll tonight, as C.J. Wallace stepped up with a big night. But the toll on depth may eventually be paid – especially in a little-margin-for-error showdown like the one awaiting in Tucson.

Washington moves to 18-7 overall and 10-4 in the conference, however Arizona beat Washington State tonight, moving to 22-4 and 11-2.

Arizona State falls to 9-16 and 1-12.

Here is coach Lorenzo Romar's overview:

Well we had a slow start. I felt like once we settled in we did some good things offensively and defensively. Nine turnovers and 21 assists. One time we had a rebound margin of 16. We didn’t rebound very well down the stretch, but I thought we did a good job for the most part. We had some good performances by a lot of guys. Obviously Matthew did well. Venoy Overton continued to play with that edge. C.J. Wilcox did a phenomenal job off the bench: eight rebounds, he scored, he hit 3’s, he fed the post and he defended. He had a really good all around game.

Bryan-Amaning had 22 points and 12 rebounds. Wilcox had 16 points and eight rebounds. Thomas had 11 points, six assists and one turnover.


12:18 UW, 59-44, however Holiday to the bench with his fourth personal.

13:39 Another trey by Wilcox -- his fourth of the game. UW up, 59-42.

15:32 UW, 51-42.

Also, some clarification on the technical foul issue. T's were called on Isaiah Thomas and Ty Abbott. Those offset, but there was an additional bench technical on ASU, which is why UW took the shots.

17:13 UW, 49-40. Whatever it was, it seems to have fired up the Sun Devils and their crowd. Back-to-back ASU baskets and Romar takes a time out.

2nd half: ... has begun. Huskies starting out in a man defense.

Also, early little dust-up between the teams. Refs review video, speak to both coaches -- Sendek seeming the most upset -- and then sent Thomas to line to take technical shots. No explanation announcement.

Halftime: UW, 43-33. C.J. Wilcox clustered three 3-pointers to get Huskies going.

We're not getting stats in this writing area, however, here's what my highly unofficial notes are showing: 13 points for MBA, 11 for Wilcox, seven for Thomas. For ASU, I'm showing 13 for Ty Abbott and seven for Trent Lockett.

Halftime ceremonies here honoring ASU hoops greats Lionel Hollins and Byron Scott.

1st/1:33 Wilcox and MBA still scoring, UW zone giving ASU fits, and suddenly Huskies are up, 38-28.

1st/5:16 UW, 30-27. Holiday to the bench with third personal.

Suggs out for game At least. MCL injury.

1st/9:03 Pair of Wilcox 3's, and Huskies move ahead, 23-19.

1st/11:05 ASU, 17-14. Huskies playing sloppy on both ends. The fact that their still around indicates how beatable the Sun Devils are. We'll see.

1st/14:00 ASU, 15-7. Suggs back on the bench, but he limped there.

1st/15:55 ASU, 9-5. And Overton is limping now after a charge. That would be a loss the Huskies cannot afford. (Although he appears to be staying in for now.)

1st/16:12 ASU, 6-5. Suggs has just left bench for locker room.

1st/16:47 Suggs and Thomas collide, and Suggs is being helped off the court. Overton in. ASU, 6-3.

Celebrity sighting: Former ASU star James Hardin just took a courtside seat after making a fashionably late entrance.

Tip: We're under way.

Lineup: We're under way. Huskies going with usual lineup of Thomas, N'Diaye, Holiday, Suggs and MBA.

Meanwhile, several Huskies going with some sort of purple, um, leggings. Shame this thing isn't on TV so you could see.

10 minutes till tip: Very small crowd. Perhaps just a late-arriving crowd, due to the relatively early start (6:30 in Tempe). But probably a pretty small crowd throughout.

Pretty fair sprinkling of purple, however. And several familiar faces from Mariners organization and Mariners media, dropping down from Peoria.

50 minutes till tip: In the house, former Sonics and current Blazers coach Nate McMillan, whose son Jamelle is point guard for the Sun Devils.

90 minutes till tip: Freshman Terrence Ross once again is the first Husky out warming up.

Huskies are wearing their gold unis tonight, btw. Sun Devils in white.

Also, a little bit of a new look to the arena this year. For one, there is a mural of ASU athletes ringing the upper portion of the area -- from the last seat to the ceiling and all the way around. And then one that I didn't remember, I'm told that some of the seats in here used to be yellow, whereas they're all maroon now.

Gameday: A reminder that tonight's UW-ASU game tips off at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time. There will be no TV coverage, but a live video stream is promised at And, as usual, we will keep this blog open all night for pregame, in-game and postgame reports, and -- always appreciated -- your comments.

Meanwhile, here's some Sun Devils coverage from the Arizona Republic. Links to The News Tribune coverage are available at left.