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Stanford coach expects 'amazing effort' from UW

Stanford practiced at Hec Ed today, just ahead of the Huskies. That afforded us a chance to speak briefly with coach Johnny Dawkins about his team's 5:30 p.m. Saturday visit.

On what he expects of UW) They always play hard. They’re a tough physical team. They’re on a roll at home. They’re always going to give an amazing effort.

On the Cardinal's ups and downs since their home win against UW) The Pac-10 is a tough conference, but also we’re still trying to find ourselves. We’re really focusing on Stanford now from the standpoint of the kids that we have. We have nine new faces, we’re trying to intergrate them and find continuity and chemistry. That takes time. I think we show potential at times, but we have to realize that we have to keep getting better.

On leading scorer Jeremy Green's ups and downs) I’m just really proud of his work ethic. A lot of times when a kid goes through a spell like that it can last all season. But he’s been able to fight his way out because he’s believed in himself. He’s a very confident player. He kept working. He knew he was getting good looks. And sometimes they just don’t go for you like you want them to. He was battling a few injuries at the time – I think his finger and his leg. So he had some things going on. But I think he’s starting to feel better.