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Thomas leads UW to solid win over Stanford

The Washington Huskies took their second straight win today, getting revenge on the Stanford Cardinal, 87-76, at Hec Edmundson Pavilion.

That’s the most points the Cardinal has allowed this season (topping the previous high of 83 by Butler).

Washington led virtually the whole way, topping out at 21 points. However, they came pretty close to settling the issue with a run late in the first half during which Isaiah Thomas exploded for 14 points in two minutes and 35 seconds.

Thomas ended with 22 points, high for the Huskies. Stanford’s Jeremy Green has 24.

The result moves UW to 17-7 on the season and 9-4 in the Pac-10. Stanford falls to 13-11 and 6-7.

"I’m excited that we played – going back to Thursday – three really, really good halves of basketball," coach Lorenzo Romar said. "The fourth half wasn’t as good. I thought we played good tonight. Isaiah got hot at the end of the (first) half, knocked some shots down, we were able to distance ourselves. In the second half we just weren’t able to get that energy up to where we had it in the first half. We didn’t finish that game the way I would have liked. However, Thursday-Saturday we made huge progress in how we’ve been playing, and we’re excited about that. Now it’s time to move on and try this road again."

Next week the Huskies will head out on their final road trip of the Pac-10 regular season, visiting Arizona State on Thursday and Arizona one week from today in a game that will obviously have huge implications on this season’s regular season race.

3:26 UW, 84-64. Huskies already have more points than anyone had scored on Stanford all season. (Previous high 83 by Butler.) The points that put UW over the top came on a putback throwdown by Terrence Ross.

7:49 UW, 68-53. Couple of 3-pointers by C.J. Wilcox... one gets a shooter's roll. The other goes swish.

2nd/11:53 UW 60-46.

2nd/15:50 UW 56-40. Huskies came out sloppy early, while Stanford looked focused. But UW seems to have found itself again.

Second half: ... is under way. Remember, of course, that UW lost a double-digit second half lead in the earlier game. But this is a bigger lead, and at home.

Halftime: UW 48-31. Thomas scored all 14 of his points in the final 2:35 of the half, including an NBA-plus three at the buzzer.

Green leads Stanford with 12 points.

UW shooting 47 percent with 17 rebounds. Stanford 46 percent with 15 rebounds.

However, UW eight assists and five turnovers, but Stanford four assists and 10 turnovers.

(Arena lighting is back to normal, btw.)

1st/3:34 UW, 29-22. Green has 12 for Stanford. Zero points from Isaiah Thomas.

1st/9:22 One of the nice plays of the season as Terrence Ross juked Aaron Bright, tightroped down the end line and then dunked. UW up, 24-13.

1st/11:24 UW, 19-13. MBA has six on three field goals, Holiday has six on a pair of treys. Green has seven for Stanford.

1st/15:52 Play resumes with lowered lighting. Full lighting expected in about 20 minutes.

1st/5:52 This could be an extended timeout, as a bank of overhead lights have just gone out.

1st/15:52 UW 6, Stanford 6. Four points from Scott Suggs, and four very impressive points from Stanford's Jeremy Green on a couple of pull-up jumpers.

Tipoff: The game has begun. Huskies in white, Cardinal in cardinal.

Lineups: UW going with the usual: Thomas, N'Diaye, Holiday, MBA, Suggs. Stanford going with Brown, Owens, Mann, Powell and Green.

90 minutes to tipoff: The basics: Stanford at UW, 5:30 p.m., FSN and, of course, this blog open before, during and after for news and your comments.

As of now, there is one Husky on the court -- the usual one, Terrence Ross, who has been finding his second wind lately and drew big praise from a couple of coaches this week.

Lorenzo Romar said that Ross' offense has never been in question, and that now his offense has reached the point where he is no longer a liability.

Meanwhile, Cal coach Mike Montgomery had this to say:"Wilcox and Terrence are big for them coming off of the bench," Montgomery said after the Huskies mauled the Bears. "I mean Ross is terrific. He is a starter at any other school. He can really shoot the ball."